Ultimate Briefcase Review

Ultimate Briefcase Review

Feb 19, 2016

The Ultimate Briefcase tells the story of apocalypse from the sky, and one hero, armed with a seemingly unassuming briefcase, who looks to so save the day.

The game unfolds on a 2D palette, and incorporates graphics that give it a decided — and pleasant — old school feel. The animations are purposefully jumpy, just as one would expect if the game were framed in a physical arcade machine.

The colors are muted too, and the sounds frame the gameplay in an adequate manner.

The gameplay itself is surprisingly easy to understand and get into; think of the old classic Sub Hunt; instead of ub3marine vehicles, we get our briefcased hero. There are bombs raining down from above, and the main idea is to avoid the bombs for as long as possible.

The game is presented in landscape, and once started, one needs to learn how to use the virtual controls, which are, thankfully, quite liberal: tapping on the left of the screen causes our protagonist to dart left, and tapping on the right makes him go right. The basic idea is to avoid the lethal incendiary rain by dodging left and right as appropriate while the seconds tick upwards.

Secondarily, one also wants to collect as many goodies as possible, such goodies are sometimes left by missed bombs. These items are not always easy to recover, so one has to measure the potential costs of adding yet another line of sight to the existing challenge.

There are powerups too. Remember the goodies? Collect enough of those at the beginning, and can use the briefcase as an exhaustible shield. There are others too, like the temporary ability to return fire.

Great play earns gold. Gold can be used for improvements and continues.

The game comes together well, even if it’s a tad repetitive. It’s ability to evolve scenery and gameplay ever so slightly as the game goes on helps keep boredom at bay.

Ultimate Briefcase Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Deliciously old-school.
Controls - Liberal virtual buttons.
Gameplay - Dodging and collection, and then some.
Replay Value - Very addictive.
Overall - A very fun game, with several layers within a simple template.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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