Untangle Space Out Review

Untangle Space Out Review

Oct 6, 2010

Apostek recently announced the release of Untangle Space Out, their newest puzzle game for Android devices. This space-age themed puzzle game features various orbs which are intertwined by neon laser beams. The object is to untangle these beams by repositioning the various orbs. This game reminds me of something that might be played at Deep Space 9’s Quark’s Bar.

Untangled Space Out has been released in both the Free version (which consists of 5 levels) or the Pro version, which costs $1.99 and features 50 games spread over 10 levels. I’m not sure if the free version has any ads in it since I was using the Pro version.

First impressions: Sleek user interface with some chilled out space-age ambient background music. You have 5 options to choose from when at the main game menu screen. There are two types of gameplay: Arcade and Challenge. You also have a Practice mode and then Scores and Settings. Let’s do a quick rundown of these options.

Arcade: Arcade mode features an infinite amount of unique puzzles to be played.
Challenge: Challenge mode has 50 games spread over 10 levels. You must complete each level to unlock the next.
Settings: Control Audio volume and background music.
Scores: Intuitive in-game stats showing your best time and moves. A Leader board and options to share scores across a media platform such as Twitter.
Practice: Practice mode features 3 practices games, 2 with on screen directions and the last without.

Game Play

The game was actually confusing at first. It took me a couple of tries to figure out what I was actually trying to do. Using a touch and drag game control, you must position the various orbs in such a way as to untangle all of the neon rays. Red rays indicate a tangled state. Once untangled, the rays will turn blue. Each game screen shows you the amount of moves you have taken and the time that has elapsed. These stats are used for personal bests and leader board bragging rights. You also have an on screen expandable menu with in-game options. You can toggle sound, get info and access scores and settings. There is also a solution option (which kind of defeats the purpose of playing) in case you get stuck.

I found that after a while, I was just moving orbs around without any real rhyme or reason; it got to be a tad monotonous. The graphics and sound are very relaxing and sleek but I found that only encouraged my temptation to enter cryogenic sleep. Add to that the high amount of force closes I experienced and I’d only recommend this game to people who have the kind of dull patience it takes to stare at a tangled Chinese jump rope and extract excitement from untangling it. Casual everyday gamers might not be able to endure this game for longer than 15 minutes. All I can say is give the free version a try and if it’s your cup of Saurian Brandy then lay down the money and enjoy your purchase. Me, I’ve already had a Neuralyzer erase any memory of the game from my over crowded brain.

Untangle Space Out Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Highly polished graphics with tranquilizing background music and futuristic sounds. Really impressive for a puzzle game.
Game Controls - Simple and easy. Just touch and drag.
Gameplay - Repetitive, boring and dull.
Replay Value - You might want to finish Challenge Mode but after that it's just uninteresting.
Overall - Graphics and sound are more than I expected from a puzzle game but not enough to save this one from the constant force closes and snooze appeal. This one has already been swallowed by the black hole of uninstall.

App available on the Google Play Store »

Demo version is also available on the Google Play Store »

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