Uppercup Football Review

Uppercup Football Review

Jul 16, 2014

With the World Cup fever having come and gone, there’s a massive pile of soccer/football games to consider. But I sincerely believe that I have found the best one. Ever.

Imagine this: you are playing a soccer game in which the soccer players run through big puddles. They slip and slide across the field, barely missing the small mountains and mines on the play field. Meanwhile, the other team, consisting of players with horse heads, kicks againts the ball that is just bouncing around the field – wait, what? It’s a football? No, this cannot be a normal soccer game. This one is crazy and right of the start, I can say this is the best soccer game I have ever played.


This game is called Uppercup Football. In this footie, matches like described above are very common. Players do not directly control the players. Normally, I would find this sort of controls very stupid, but in this game’s case I don’t. The effect and position of the ball is very unpredictable. Players only need to press one button to shoot or tackle. By holding the button a bit longer, the shot or attack becomes more powerfull, creating super fun situations during gameplay.

The way the ball moves through the field and how the soccer players are controlled, kind of reminded me of the LEGO football building sets. A bit static, but thanks to the uncertainty of where the ball is going when a shot is fired, it becomes very dynamic. There isn’t a shot where the player is sure the ball will go to and that results in the kind of gameplay I like very much: chaotic, but always fun. And it doesn’t even take time to get used to this control scheme.

The basics of the game is very well done as well and borrows some elements from popular games. There is the famous three star rating system players can go for, for example. In Uppercup Football, players do not play complete matches, but instead furfill certain objectives. When you finish those goals (pun intended) in time, then that specific level is done. Because the game uses divided content like this, it makes it very much playable as a mobile game – because small games are finished quick.

But above all, Uppercup Football really emits fun. The game is so colorfull, has some awesome animations en de music, although it is only one single track, is simply marvelous en keeps on playing in one’s head. At the end of the day, I can only say this is the best soccer game I have ever played, and I have played a lot. I can recommend Uppercup to anyone out there – wether they are fan of soccer or not, this game delivers on fun. So, go play it.

Uppercup Football Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - This game looks and sounds awesome.
Controls - Man, these controls are tight!
Gameplay - Very balanced and accessible.
Replay Value - There's more than enough to enjoy here.
Overall - The best football (soccer?) game I've played in years.

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