Voxer Walkie Talkie Review

Voxer Walkie Talkie Review

Jan 31, 2012

Every day technology gives me new and better and more exciting ways to communicate with the people in my life. But it does of course come at a cost. Phoning people costs paid minutes, and texting costs to send and receive. There are also times when I need to impart a lot of information to someone but either don’t want to type it all out on my phone, or don’t want to disturb them with a phone call. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave a voice mail but skip the step of calling their phone?

Voxer markets itself as a walkie-talkie app for phones. Essentially it offers users the opportunity to leave messages for their friends that can be retrieved any time the recipient is free to do so. Messages can be text, but the better feature is the voice option. Hold down the button and talk freely into the microphone. No need to save the message – as soon as the record button is released the message is queued in the recipient’s inbox. I’ve used this feature to co-ordinate detailed plans while I’m walking and can’t text and the other person is getting ready to meet me and can’t be on the phone at that moment. It lets them listen to the message whenever they have a few seconds, without dialing into their voicemail box.

Even better, it really does function as a walkie-talkie if the recipient is in the program at the same time. There’s no need to say “over” at the end of each message – they are all time-stamped and play in order. They’re saved for quite some time, so I’ve also enjoyed going back and listening to random conversations I have had.

I really feel like I need to stress that this is a free app. I don’t know how much money it saves, using data to send messages vs paying for phone minutes, but I know that it has saved me time. Also there is something very appealing about using my phone as a walkie-talkie. It is great, and I wish more of my friends had it. If I could get them all to download it I actually think I’d make very few direct phone calls. There simply wouldn’t be a need to.

I have experienced some bugginess in it though. Or rather I should say my test partner did. He found that sometimes, rather than playing back the audio, the app would just freeze or play static. And I found that sometimes I couldn’t hear the messages he left me unless I took my headphones out and listened to it through the external speaker. A bit odd, but it doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm for it in the slightest.

Voxer Walkie Talkie Review Rundown

User Interface - It's a little confusing at times, and I was driven almost mad by the inability to increase the volume.
Usefulness - I think it's a pretty rad idea to be able to leave a voice mail message for someone without having to waste valuable phone minutes. Ignore the fact that it uses data instead...
Performance - This is a bit variable, and it's hard to say why. Sometimes I'd hear only static, or it would freeze during playback. It never crashed as such, but I did need to exit it entirely a couple of times to get my files to play.
Value - Considering it's free it is a fantastic value.
Overall - If they can work out some of the kinks, and become a bit more ubiquitous, they could have a real winner here.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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  • Ali

    Nice App but you gave not mentioned any price of this app?

  • Nokes1

    How do you delete people you don’t want to see or be seen by (my ex, for example), or can you “block” them, ala Facebook? 

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  • Wissal

    i have it , and i just can’t figure out how to save my sound messages !!! they realy mean a lot to me !!
    Can u help me?