Wake the Cat Review

Wake the Cat Review

Nov 7, 2013

Cats. Lovable bundles of fur or feline freeloaders? How you feel about cats will determine how you want to look at this game.

LIKE CATS: Wake the Cat is a puzzle game where you gently roll a ball of yarn towards a sleeping kitty so that you may wake them from their peaceful slumber and play with them.

HATE CATS: Wake the Cat is a puzzle game where you launch a ball of yarn (maybe with a rock in the middle of it) so that you stir the cat from its unearned slumber. Maybe to then throw the cat out of the house. I don’t know.

Either way, Wake the Cat is an enjoyable and sizeable chunk of physics centric puzzling action. Rolling a ball of yarn around may not sound all too difficult, but the game places you and your sphere of wool in increasingly interesting and challenging set-ups.cat1

Fans will blow your ball off course whilst magical slippers act like teleporters. Toy trains run around on their track and need to be avoided, or in some cases, you’ll need to bounce your wool off of.

There’s a really good variety to the levels and the items they contain, with new objects being introduced at a steady pace to keep you interested. With 90 levels of yarn rolling fun, it’s seriously commendable that the level designers manage to keep this interesting for as long as they do.

The controls work extremely well. This is probably down to how simple they are, but still, there are plenty of examples of simple controls failing to work as they should. So credit where it’s due. At the start of the level all you need to do is line up your ‘shot’ and gauge how much power to put into it. Some levels also require timing and will need you to interact with the level whilst the ball’s rolling. For example, some levels have toy trains that need to be stopped mid-roll, some levels need fans switched on and off and some levels have tubes that can be turned around to change the ball’s course. All fairly simple, but all done extremely well.

Also worthy of praise is the presentation of the game as a whole. Playing on my Nexus 7, the 3D models had a real vibrancy to them. The cat’s exaggerated features made it the perfect cute character to base a mobile app around. Or a disgusting flea-bag to throw things at. Your call.

Other than the main campaign and its 90 levels, there’s nothing else to see here. There’s no multiplayer, nothing more to unlock and no level editor. It’s hard to really complain about this, as the already mentioned 90 levels provide more than enough value for money.

Wake the Cat is a solid physics puzzle game that provides value for money, great gameplay and a variety to its levels that will keep you happy for hours. A must buy for cat lovers and haters the world over.

Wake the Cat Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - A very well presented game full of life and vibrancy.
Gameplay - Very well designed levels and a great pacing to the introduction of new mechanics keeps the player's interest.
Controls - Simple controls done extremely well.
Replay Value - Plenty of levels though unless you're after '3 stars', little to go back to.
Overall - A really great title that has had care and thought poured into it.

Download: App available at the Google Play Store »

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