WordsWorth Review

WordsWorth Review

Apr 12, 2012

Some games are great for taking one’s mind off things, but others are built to make the mind work. There is probably a handful of people who go for puzzle games over arcade, fast-paced ones – and it’s understandable. Puzzle games can sometimes become more frustrating than fun during the middle and end levels, so one might feel like giving up at that point.

Once in a while, a puzzle game comes around to hold a gamer’s interest for more than the first few levels. WordsWorth is one of those games. The interface is clean and game controls are smooth, with a very basic and intuitive design. The goal of the game is to put together words from adjacent letters in a grid, much like Boggle.

When no words are seen on the existing set of letters, there is an option to shuffle the tiles. As the game progresses, there will be special tiles with different qualities. Some tiles – such as the green and blue ones – can double the points for using it in a word. A blank tile with a star can be any letter in a word. A red tile, however, needs to be used within a few seconds or it will end the game. There are also benefits – or bonus actions – that can be unlocked when scoring a high-point word. One benefit is Wipeout – triple tap on a letter to wipe out all others like it in the board.

The game offers to play as a single player, play with friends or play with a random player online. Whichever is selected, the game proceeds to the main battle screen. There are three types of games: Classic, Timed or Tumble. Classic is merely being given a static group of letter tiles and the user has to form words by swiping the letters together. This is the same in Timed mode except for the time limit element added to the game. Tumble is a Tetris-style sort of action with the letter tiles falling on top of each other and the user has to form words before the stack gets too high.

The game runs pretty smoothly on a single player mode, but when trying to play with online players, the interface goes a bit slower than usual. There may be other factors that contribute to this – such as a slow data connection – so it is important to note that playing online with a congested 3G connection might not be so ideal. There’s also the positioning of the ads on the top portion of the screen. It covers some of the letters during a game and would have been better off on the bottom of the screen instead.

One great feature is that the user can customise the game’s setup. Before the game starts, one can change the minimum letters required for a word, the number of tiles to be laid out and the number of times the tiles can be shuffled. This gives the player some amount of control over the game, which is a nice touch. This is a great way for users to either enjoy an easier game or challenge themselves with a harder one. Either way, this sort of customization is something not often seen in other puzzle game.

There aren’t much controls needed to play the game – one only needs to swipe the desired word to select it. Once the finger is removed from the last letter of the selection, the game checks the word’s validity. If it is a valid word, a corresponding amount of points will be shown on the top part of the screen and the tiles for the word is taken off the board, giving room for other tiles to replace them. If a word is not valid, however, there will be no points shown, and the tiles will remain where they are. The player would need to try again. It’s quite difficult to take off the selection of a previous word to another one, especially if one wants to start with the same letter. To do this involves tapping on a letter completely away from it, then going back to tap on it again.

Playing this game is both challenging and fun – a combination not often seen in puzzle games. Variety is great for people who might easily get bored with only one way of playing the game. Navigating and gameplay is very smooth and quite pleasant. Just bear in mind that a fast Internet connection is preferred if one intends to play with other users online. Having a sluggish connection can ruin the experience. Nevertheless, WordsWorth is a great word puzzle game for amateur and advanced word geeks alike.

WordsWorth Review Rundown

Graphics & Sound - The graphics are nice and clear; the sound effects and music are just right - and not too annoying.
Gameplay - The controls take a bit of getting used to, but it does run smoothly when one masters it
Performance - The game runs pretty smoothly, even on my low end device; for online gaming, ensure a fast Internet connection otherwise the game will slow down
Replay Value - With more than one mode of gameplay, there is definitely a huge amount of replay possible for this game
Overall - Given all its neat UI, smooth gameplay and customisable game design, Wordsworth is one of the better puzzle games released so far.

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  • Fitovm

    Any idea what devices are compatible?

    I tried downloading it on my Xperia Play and it’s not available. It says that 512 ram is recommended which I have but it shows up incompatible on the Play Store.

  • Hmm, haven’t checked that. It should work with your phone specs, it even works on my HTC Wildfire.

  • Xperia Play device was initially blocked on Google Play. It has been enabled now. You can download the game and let us know your thoughts! Thanks for bringing this to our notice!