Worm Run Review

Worm Run Review

Jan 27, 2014

The main hero of Worm Run is being chased by a giant worm inside a narrow tunnel. It’s a concept that would make Freud wet his metaphorical pants, but it works great as an infinite runner. Again and again, the player descends into a cave that goes on and on, randomly changing its direction. The randomness of the cave’s fillings is pretty impressive, as I almost never noticed that I ran through a room before. Anyway, in Worm Run the hero doesn’t run on his own, and he is in complete control of the player. This means that it doesn’t matter how much you stumble, or fly around an area, as long as you manage to fly out of the worm’s jaws in the end. And stumbling is all that the player will do, as the cave is littered with small bumps and rocks.

Speaking of bumps, the hero is controlled by swiping the finger across the screen in any direction. It gives him momentum in any direction, including upward: the hero has jet boots, so he can jump a certain amount of times in the air, before he needs to hit the ground to restore energy. Worm Run 2There’s a problem with this, however, because the hero slows down real quick after a “boost”, meaning that the player needs to swipe their finger constantly, like they’re trying to tickle their device to death. The finger gets tired, and if, say, you are trying to hold the tablet in your hands and play with a thumb, you’re going to have a bad time. I really started to play only once I laid my tablet on the table and swiped with my index finger. So, I think that making some alternative way of control could really help, although it is a part the game’s shtick.

The player can find different power-ups that can really help with escaping the gaping maws. Some of them are unlocked by spending money, and all of them can be upgraded, giving them some additional effects. By the way, the player can toggle whether he wants a power-up to spawn or not, meaning that it’s possible to fine-tune to your requirements – say, if the mini-quest requires picking up the specific power-up.

Worm Run is quite interesting, but it’s still just an endless runner. Its dollar’s worth means that it doesn’t contain ads, but content-wise it’s not different from any other free-to-play runners. Overall, I liked it, and its gameplay is sufficiently complex and really challenging for a runner, but there are still ways to improve.

Worm Run Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Looks a tad too simple on a tablet, but otherwise alright.
Controls - I know it's one of the mechanics, but I still think that controls should be more comfortable.
Gameplay - Maybe it could have some more features, but it's still undeniably good.
Replay Value - Fun and exciting to replay.
Overall - It's a very unusual runner, for people who like challenges.

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