Worms Review

Worms Review

Feb 7, 2011

The classic Worms franchise has finally hit the Android. Worms takes its inspiration from the old artillery games like Tank Wars and Scorched Earth, where you have to worry about setting your shots to the proper angle and power to attack your enemies, but that’s where the similarities end. You have a whole team of worms that you command, one at a time, and you can move around and navigate the randomly generated stages. The game is hardly serious – everything from the status messages to the weapons carries a hint of levity to it. There’s just something comical about a worm crawling along and sending an enemy worm flying into the ocean with a baseball bat, or using a jetpack to fly over a worm, drop a stick of dynamite, and get out of there. There are no massive stakes here, just comical over-the-top violence.

Worms’ controls make a great transition to the mobile platform. They are very simple, and make it easy to move your worm and use your weapons accurately. The gameplay is well preserved, the classic weapons (including the concrete donkey and holy hand grenade) are all here, and the worms are silly as always. You can play a quick game with a random stage, or compete in a variety of challenges There’s also a very cool mode called Body Count, which gives you one worm to control, and places you on a map with worms that respawn as you kill them and get more health, your goal being to kill as many as possible before you die.

You can’t save randomly generated levels for future playback, or customize your own levels to play on. There’s no real goal to the game than to complete the challenges or get high scores on Body Count mode. As well, the game has had some issues reported by users on a variety of phones, according to comments on the Android Market. While the game downloaded and installed properly on my Galaxy S, your phone may have issues – the reported solution is to delete the data that the app downloaded, then let the app redownload the data. If not, then uninstall and reinstall the app from the Market. The app does not support the Galaxy Tab or Dell Streak right now, either, so be wary if you have one of those devices.

Despite the technical issues, this is still the classic Worms game, now on Android. If you’re a fan of the series, or a fan of artillery games, this is an absolute must have.

Worms Review Rundown

Graphics/Sound - Game occasionally stutters with frame rate, but overall is handled well, considering the amount of scaling that has to go on with zooming in and out.
Controls - The controls are simple but give you full control over your worm, much like you have on the PC version.
Gameplay - You truly haven't lived until you've equipped a jetpack, dropped a stick of dynamite between two enemy worms, and flown away, laughing while your enemy's cursing.
Replay Value - The main reason to return to the game is the Challenge mode or multiplayer play; there's no real campaign mode to compel you to keep playing through some kind of progression.
Overall - The game remains just as fun as it did back when I first played Worms 2 with friends on my computer in the late 1990's.

App available on the Google Play Store »

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  • Alexxx

    How do u select which worm u want to use when its ur turn?

  • Mantis

    9 for controls? Are you fucking stupid? HORRIBLE controls.