YouMail Review

YouMail Review

Jan 11, 2013

YouMail is not new in the consumer space; as a smartphone program, the folks behind it help innovate the concept of visual voicemail. It;s recently updated Android port really brings out some of the best features to the forefront.

YouMail breathes life into voicemails, bringing nice visual presentation, call management, customized greetings, transcription and more in a tidy, functional third-party package. In doing so, I think it competes well with the ubiquitous offerings from carriers.

Getting started required me getting my forwarding number setup. Visually, the app was clean, and made us of colors well, as if keeping the pop for the voice mails. The voice mails themselves retained the clean look, with great use of fonts and the corporate colors as the backdrop.

I absolutely loved the answer options (dubbed “Smart Greetings” and customizable from web portal). With this, I was able to make customized voice greetings for people who called in to my forwarded number. There was an automatic toggle that pulled in the names of the caller and based a templated response based on that, or I could make truly customized responses for folks. I could not find a way to manage this from within the app, which was a shame. I could manage text responses from within the app though.

Another big plus is the web access. YouMail is available on the web for times that I wanted to make changes and adjustments from a terminal. Ease of access is such a bonus in my book.

One major drawback is that YouMail does not work with pre-paid services, and seems to be restricted to the major Stateside carriers. That’s a lot of goodness kept from a decent amount of folks. Also, Google Voice compatibility is something I was not able to resolve while writing this review.

But still, this app does serve a valid purpose, even in an app market chock full of visual voicemail options.

YouMail Review Rundown

Interface - Clean and functional
Usefulness - Niche product that expands on basic visual voicemail
Performance - Worked well in real-life testing.
Value - Tiered services exist
Overall - All-in-one app that packs a punch.

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