Zombie Derby Review

Zombie Derby Review

May 30, 2013

Zombie Derby is about three ubiquitous concepts: destruction of the undead, crazy driving, and insane vehicular modifications.

In this motorized horror adventure, a vehicle is commandeered from left to right, trying to make it to a safe haven. Between me and that safe haven are innumerable zombies and obstacles… not to mention other unfortunate issues, like inadequate gas supply. Plowing through monster bodies earns cash.

The controls are minimal, and consist of virtual buttons for acceleration and another to fire. There is also a nitro button button that appears when that upgrade is activated.

I like the relatively simple upgrade process. Some games make it so convoluted. In Zombie Derby, youderby1 race, dispatch zombies, earn points, upgrade elements that make the vehicle more viable, and finish the level to move on. Fairly straightforward.

The upgrades are fairly logical. It starts out with a basic truck with little gas. Every run results in points and cash, which can be used to build up stuff like fuel capacity, rocket boosters and engines. A lot of these boosts could be increased in progression; for example, at the base level, I could upgrade gas with an amount of game cash. To get gas capacity raised again, a larger amount is needed, and so on, till that element maxes out for that level. The same applies to weaponry and more. Increasing the elements invariably increases the length of the runs and the cash haul, so everything works together.

With all upgrade elements fully upgraded, it finally becomes possible to complete the run to walls of safety, and unlock the next level. It is then possible to purchase new vehicles and start the upgrade process again. In-app purchasing is available to expedite the process with real money

As progress is made, it becomes evident that running over bodies and obstacles, while horrifically fun, isn’t always the best option; in an ode to realism, the developer ensured collisions slow speed. Thus, it makes sense to use the guns to take out objects when possible. But there is never an unlimited supply of bullets either, so management is key.

The graphics and sound just fit, with nice 3D graphics that I selfishly thought could have been even more refined. I do appreciate the gore wasn’t overdone, which seems to be a hard balance to strike in zombie-themed games.

As far as zombie games go, this one just about proves that we are not saturated just yet.

Zombie Derby Review Rundown

Graphics?Sound - Nice graphics and matching sound.
Controls - Touch and tilt.
Gameplay - Simple and straightforward
Replay Value - Surprisingly addictive.
Overall - Easy to play, hard to put down.

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