Risky Waters Review

Risky Waters Review

Jan 27, 2015

Risky Waters sounds like an exciting concept. Beset by evil serpents from beyond this world, the player must sail down a river as combat and destruction grips the land, destroying these mighty beasts with a ship mounted cannon. Failure to destroy the flying abominations allows them to breathe fire on your delicate craft. Killing off monsters grants experience that makes the cannon stronger. Shooting hearts can repair your redoubtable ship on the fly.

Screenshot_2015-01-26-18-51-22Unfortunately, the actual gameplay is very dull indeed. The game plays a bit like a shooter, one stick to aim and another to shoot. These controls make it very easy to target the airborne serpentine threat. The gameplay however is very dull indeed. The viewpoint is set so close it is down to pretty much luck if the player can take down a dragon before it sets fire to their ship and the game is extremely boring due to the one note gameplay and lack of skill required. There are no hidden depths or gameplay surprises here.

This could have been redeemed slightly if there was some kind of upgrade or experience system to permanently upgrade the player’s ship or its wussy little cannon, but experience only counts for the particular game it is earned in and seems to have little effect. It is not obvious what leveling up does for the player.

Risky Waters
also looks really bad. The graphics are drawn in a style which is both painful to look at and poorly colored. Bug eyed, purple dragons look like something from a fever dream. The aforementioned super close camera also makes playing the game much harder than it should be. At least the game is distinct enough on small screens and never lags or stutters.

The sound is unexciting. The weak blip of your cannon does not evoke any atmosphere and dragons are rather quiet. The music is passable.

Risky Waters is a dull, ugly looking game that really isn’t worth anyone’s time. There are a multitude of way better shooters on Android.

Flick Soccer 15 Review

Flick Soccer 15 Review

Jan 26, 2015

Struth, for a free game Flick Soccer 15 sure packs in a lot of modes.

Screenshot_2015-01-25-17-19-31Specialist focuses on accuracy. A target drifts around a goalmouth, protected by a goalie and later by more and more defenders. The player must get the ball in the goal, while also hitting the target. Swiping in a curve on the screen sends the ball in that direction and is pretty much required to get it around defenders. Aftertouch can also be invoked by swiping after the ball has been kicked. Hitting the bullseye awards an extra ball and the idea is to go as long as possible without missing three times in a row and running out of balls, making blues rather costly. This is ok at first, but gets kind of dull.

Quickshot is the same as Specialist but much faster. A tight time limit counts down faster than a dingo eats babies and hitting the target awards a small amount of extra time. The player has unlimited balls and the game continues until time runs out. Much faster paced and tense than specialist Quickshot is fun.

Challenge gives the player limited balls and a score to beat. Reaching that score with the allotted balls ranks up the player and unlocks harder challenges. This game mode has the most longevity due to its ranking system.

Screenshot_2015-01-25-17-20-43Crossbar is a dull mode where you must hit the goal’s crossbar with your ball as many times as possible. Crikey, it is repetitive. Finally, Smash It has the player smash panes of glass over the goals as fast as possible. It’s ok.

As for the tantalizingly named Beach Babes mode (which costs 99 cents to unlock), it is simply the same game as Specialist, except on a beach with bikini sheilas acting as defenders and a beach ball to use instead. Hardly compelling, but an amusing little extra. Stone the crows.

Flick Soccer 15 has fun gameplay, but it is certainly not a ridgey-didge game. It is well suited to play while in a line or waiting for something and in short bursts. Just about anyone from oldies to ankle biters, sheilas and blokes will be able to play Flick Soccer 15 too, which works in its favor.

Flick Soccer 15 looks bonza. Bright and colorful, the graphics are apples and have all the genital protecting you’d expect. The sound works well too with the roaring crowd egging you on and some surprisingly good music putting you in the zone.

Flick Soccer 15 is an enjoyable but somewhat short-lived game. Since it is completely free (except for Beach Babes) there’s no reason not to give it a burl, even for bludgers.

Hungry Hal Review

Hungry Hal Review

Jan 23, 2015

Hungry Hal is a reversal of the typical zombie runner. Rather than fleeing in terror from the undead menace, Hungry Hal casts the player as that undead menace. Taking control of Hal, the player must hurtle down a course, avoiding obstacles and snacking on brains to reach his final destiny, whatever that may be.

Screenshot_2015-01-20-18-40-05Hungry Hal plays like a typical runner. There are multiple lanes on the screen and swiping up or down moves Hal upwards or downwards. However these controls are rather poor. There is a second of delay before Hal moves, often enough to plow into an obstacle or miss a human. It can just be impossible to move Hal quickly enough, especially if the humans are two lanes away.

As Hal runs along he consumes brain juice. Running out of brain juice ends the game, so the player must hunt down humans who appear on the course. Running into them eats their delicious brain, restoring brain juice. Some amusingly silly voice acting makes this fun and some humans may try to run away or change lanes, catching them while avoiding obstacles is a good challenge.

Screenshot_2015-01-20-18-42-03Hal can also collect bones as he runs along and these can be traded between games for permanent powers. These include magnets which attract bones, bait to summon some humans to eat from nowhere and even a scooter that allows Hal to just run over obstacles and humans alike. These are fun and add a good bit of depth, something sorely lacking in many runners these days.

This fun gameplay is helped along by the fact that Hal is completely free. There are no nasty freemium purchases and few ads to speak of. Far too many runners these days offer premium items and energy bars to continue games and otherwise cheapen the experience, but Hal is just based on skill.

Hal looks pretty good. A campy cartoony style suits the subject matter of the game and as mentioned above the silly voice acting and quotes from Hal are amusing.

Hungry Hal might not be the longest lived game but it is an enjoyable runner for free and despite some shonky controls it can provide entertainment.

Crusader Quest Review

Crusader Quest Review

Jan 21, 2015

Crusaders Quest is an interesting RPG about inept goddesses and corrupted forests. With a neat visual style and bite sized gameplay is it worth your time?

Screenshot_2015-01-20-03-10-17Crusaders Quest features an interesting battle system that is quite unique. As the player’s party runs through the stage, they engage enemies automatically. At the bottom of the screen icons representing skills appear in a row at random. These skills range from extra hard hits, storms of arrows, defensive skills and healing abilities. Tapping a skill icon uses it, but waiting until three icons are together and taping uses them all for a much stronger effect. Skills have different ranges and hit patterns, so timing skill use, such as getting as many enemies in range of your archer’s AoE fire storm before using it is important.
Finishing levels awards experience which levels up characters, making them stronger. Once they level up far enough they can be promoted, which transforms them into the next evolution of that class and they become much tougher. New weapons can also be forged for party members and members can also be switched out to find the best combination of badassery.

Screenshot_2015-01-20-12-10-48Crusaders Quest is a lot of fun to play. Watching the party smack their way past hordes of goblins and triggering skills is fun and the great presentation helps the game along. There is plenty of amusing dialogue as well, although the story itself is a bit weak. There are a truckload of stages to do and each stage is only a minute or two long. This bite sized gameplay is perfect for mobile and makes the game difficult to put down. There is always something about to happen, like acquiring a new weapon or promotion.

Of course, the game does have some freemium elements. Both gems and packs of coins can be bought. Coins are used for a lot of things in game, like forging weapons and buying new ones. Jewels are mostly used to skip what few timers the game has. The main limiting resource is Honour. Honour is only gained by playing PvP or completing quests. It is needed to promote warriors and is slow to accrue. There is also an energy system. Despite this, there is plenty of gameplay in Crusader Quest and the game doesn’t hassle you to buy stuff like many other freemium games do.

Crusaders Quest looks nice. A pseudo 8bit style with SD characters gives the game a unique anime-like look. Combat looks quite nice to, with swords swinging and spells flying around. Enemies aren’t too interesting however. The game does feel like a retro RPG however, what with its generic goblins and slime monsters. The sound is well done as well. The soundtrack really suits the game well and the constant din of battle is addictive.

Crusaders Quest is a fun RPG-lite and its enjoyable battles and slick gameplay make it worth playing.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Review

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Review

Jan 20, 2015

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic on Android is the same fantastic game KOTOR has always been. Taking control of a sightly mysterious rebellion soldier, the player works their way through a thrilling plot with a party of interesting, varied allies and plenty of tactical, turn based combat. Players can build their character in many different ways, whenever as a melee fighter, a blaster toting desperado or a charismatic manipulator that talks their way out of trouble. Later in the game when the player becomes a Jedi, a whole lot more skill options become available, some of which are dependent on how dark the player is Allies are also interesting and each is different and has an interesting backstory. KOTOR allows you to find out as much or as little about you allies as you like and indeed love can blossom as well, much like Bioware’s later games like Mass Effect.

Screenshot_2015-01-19-20-24-04KOTOR offers players a lot of choice as to how to handle quests and encounters. There is almost always non-violet ay to settle matters and at the same time you can be a jerk to anyone you choose, ignoring attempts to talk peacefully and manipulating and strong arming others for your own benefit. Of course being evil affects how far between the light and dark side your player leans and this has major ramifications later in the game. KOTOR is excellent stuff and a must play for any player who values a good story and deep gameplay
KOTOR is a very long game. Despite the original game being rushed and having content cut, KOTOR is a very full experience and it will take at least a few dozen hours to finish.

KOTOR has rather annoying controls. The player must swipe up to move forward and there ar e a lot of tiny icons. The game doesn’t scale well to smaller screens and moving forward can feel quite awkward. Frustratingly this is the only control method available. There is no virtual pad or tilt controls or anything. It is a mystery why the controls are so set in stone. The small font is a serious problem. On a Note 4 (with its nearly 6-inch screen) dialogue proved to be all but unreadable and skill icons are way too small to use easily. This is helped by the pausable combat. If the game was real time the poor interface would be much more notable.

Screenshot_2015-01-19-19-53-25KOTOR has the same graphics as the original game. KOTOR obviously looks dated by today’s standards but it doesn’t get in the way of gameplay at all. The sound is well done and very Star Wars. The voice acting isn’t as good as more recent Bioware games but it gets the job done. A problem with KOTOR’s sound is that it isn’t that well mixed. Unless the music is turned way down in the options it is tough to hear what characters are saying.

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic is a great experience tempered by some slightly shonky controls and an interface that could be a lot better. It is still a must play for any modern gamer.

Draughts Online Free Review

Draughts Online Free Review

Jan 15, 2015

Draughts (AKA checkers) games aren’t exactly uncommon on Android, but it is hard to argue with the promise of free multiplayer. Does Draughts Online Free deliver on this promise

Draughts Online Free is a basic Draughts game. There are no difficulty settings but at least the AI is passable and plays a decent game of Draughts. There are multiple versions of the game as well which is nice. What’s missing though is the option to enable or disable forced captures. Some people do not play with this rule, so this is a strange omission. Russian, Brazilian, Spanish and International variants are available. There is also an additional variant interestingly called Suicide. This one tasks players with losing as fast as possible. the first one to lose or their prices or have no moved available wins!

Screenshot_2015-01-13-05-13-07Draughts Online Free
plays a decent game of Draughts at least offline. As said above The AI makes a decent opponent although it does seem very aggressive and there are no difficulty settings to speak of.

As for the lauded multiplayer I couldn’t get the game to connect once. I attempted to do so over both my home Wi-Fi and 4G, and neither worked. Every time I attempted to play online the game got stuck at a “connecting” message forever. If the phone enters sleep mode it aborts connecting and shows an ad when you unlock it.

To add insult to injury, the one time it seemed to get past “establishing connection” another message appeared telling me I had lost without even playing and an ad popped up. That’s right; the only noteworthy feature of this game fails to work. Hopefully this is rectified at some point in the future.

Screenshot_2015-01-13-05-03-25Without working multiplayer there is just little reason to pick this app over other, better checkers apps. There are many other board games on Android such as Ludo and Chess games which work just fine online so there is little excuse.

On the bright side, the game contains no iap. There are ads displayed after games, but this is reasonable and there are no annoying ad banners or other elements to get in your way while playing.

Graphically, Draughts Online Free is very basic for a Draughts game. While it looks fine as Checkers games go, there are no interesting little touches like alternate boards or pieces, which are a common sight in other Android board games, such as Ludo Master. The highlight for selecting pieces is also needlessly hard to see and the game’s menus look cheap. The only sound is a clicking sound when selecting items.

Draughts Online Free could have been a decent, if basic game, but the broken multiplayer defeats the purpose of playing and there are other more fully featured Draughts games on Android.

City Racing 3D Review

City Racing 3D Review

Jan 14, 2015

City Racing 3D offers, funnily enough a full 3D racing experience for free on Android. Can it compete with the greats of the genre?

City Racing 3D starts off well enough. There are a large selection of cars, sharp controls, the ever fun Nos for bursts of speed and a long series of increasingly harder races to take part in.

Screenshot_2015-01-09-10-14-54Unfortunately, City Racing 3D’s races are dull. There is no real sense of speed, NOS is underwhelming since it adds a grand total of about 10km/h to the vehicle’s top speed and makes it nearly impossible to steer. The game is also rigged so it is nigh on impossible to win a race without spending a lot of time upgrading your car. Even if you race perfectly, you simply will not catch the leaders. The only way to win is to repeat races to gain money.

Winning a race awards a very small amount of money. Most of this tends to be eaten up by the first of many freemium-like elements; a repair system. After every race – even if you raced perfectly and didn’t hit anything – your car must be maintained and this takes time and coins.

Of course, the game is perfectly happy to either let you install an app or watch a video for instant repairs. Blah. The only plus side is that there are no ad windows that need to be dismissed. Those are instead shown when returning to the menu from a race.

Screenshot_2015-01-09-10-12-32City Racing 3D isn’t shy about shoving ads in your face either. Before every race and during replays an ad banner appears, although this thankfully isn’t the case during actual races. Less forgivably, an annoying dialogue appears after every race asking you to watch a video for free cash. Freemium is here in full effect as well, with tons of car packs and a whopping five levels of VIP access for $5 a pop. Each of these levels lessens repair time and cost and adds a bunch of other benefits, most of which are simply cheats to make the game go faster. The level of freemium in City Racing 3d sets a new standard in pay to win.

City Racing 3D looks alright. True to the name it is 3d, but cars look boxy and tracks are dull. The biggest problem is the lack of the sensation of speed however. Driving at 240km feels like taking a leisurely drive to pick the kids up from school and NOS seems to do little but make the game blurry and make it difficult to steer.

City Racing 3D is a poorly-made racing game with slow feeling races and a venerable truckload of pay-to-win elements, designed to squeeze every last cent out of its players. There is literally no reason to play it with far superior games like GT Racing 2 on the platform.

Inferno 2 Review

Inferno 2 Review

Jan 12, 2015

Inferno 2 is an intense dual stick shooter. With its super cool looking graphics, frenetic gameplay and stiff challenge, Inferno 2 nails the twin stick shooter genre and is a lot of fun to play.

In Inferno 2 players control a small ship with the familiar two sticks for moving and shooting. Players make their way through maze like levels with barriers that must be unlocked and copious enemies to be destroyed.

Screenshot_2014-12-20-12-51-11Inferno 2 is literally packed with enemies. Each level contains Cores, tough objects that constantly crank out enemies, often as fast as the player can kill them. The idea then is to wipe out the Cores as fast as possible while trying to avoid/kill the sea of enemies that infest the levels. Of course since enemies are created as fast as the player can kill them this involves an exciting, high risk style of gameplay where the player must move around enemies and be aggressive, threading their way through them to pick off Cores and stop the flow of foes without getting swamped. There are plenty of frantic moments spraying huge clouds of enemies with powerful weapons to try to thin the herd a bit in Inferno 2. This is a lot of fun.

The game also has some fairly dirty tricks to make life difficult for the player. Some passages have tidal effects that push players down them into waiting enemies or there may be barriers that must be touched with your ship to be released. Naturally, these barriers are packed with enemies who will flood out at point blank range after the barrier is dispelled.

A robust upgrade system helps the game along. Killing enemies and grabbing items during gameplay awards experience which can be used to power up weapons or increase max armour. There are multiple weapons in the game, such as bullets which bounce off of walls and are great for tight areas, homing missiles, mines and others. Each of these is good in a different situation.

Screenshot_2015-01-07-06-56-34Inferno 2 has a whole lot of levels and additional bonus levels are unlocked with keys. Keys can be bought with in game cash and that’s it. There are no IAPs here. The only cost for playing Inferno 2 is the app’s initial cost. The only thing that matters is the player’s skill.

Inferno 2 looks fantastic. A really cool, glowy retro-style makes Inferno 2 looks like a combination of a retro arcade shooter and modern. The never-ending sea of enemies and sharp, defined graphics really make the game a great fit for mobiles.

Inferno 2 is a premier dual-stick shooter with lots of intense, fun gameplay, slick presentation and no in-app purchases. For any gamer this is a no brainer.

Space Shuttle Flight Review

Space Shuttle Flight Review

Jan 6, 2015

Space Shuttle Flight has a unique idea at least. In over 20 years of gaming I can’t remember the last time I flew a space shuttle. A game can’t get by just on a good idea though.

Space Shuttle Flight doesn’t muck about with plots or indeed store of any kind. Players take control a realistic looking space shuttle and must steer their way through an asteroid field. The shuttle, being a massive metal thing in space controls somewhat like a cow and it takes several seconds to build up enough inertia to move, let alone reverse direction. Rather than “steering” the shuttle a far more realistic system is used where tapping and holding the opposite direction on the screen “pushes” the shuttle the other way using a thruster, just like you’d expect it to.

Screenshot_2014-12-31-17-22-46Because of the floaty controls, Space Shuttle Flight is much harder than it looks and indeed there are many times when the player will see an asteroid coming but there is no way to reverse course in time. This is particularly true when asteroids explode into existence as they do out of the apparent black holes scattered along the course. When the player invariably wipes out on a large, tumbling space rock an ad appears. This is the only advertising in the game but since the player can die quite often it can be annoying.

It lacks any kind of upgrade or progression system which lowers its replay value by a good deal. It does at least have achievements so shooting for these can keep players playing.

Space Shuttle Flight looks pretty nice for a free game. It does a good job of making space interesting and the hi res 3d graphics and realistic floaty physics are easy on the eyes. The sound is limited to the gentle thrum of engines and the booms of black holes and crashing but it gets the job done. Some nice nebulous music might have been nice though.

Space Shuttle Flight may not be the deepest game but it is a game with a new idea and the well done physics and enjoyable gameplay make it worth a few games.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Review

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Review

Jan 5, 2015

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars on Android is a pixel perfect port of the IOS and DS game of the same name. Players take control of low ranking triad member Huang Lee as he embarks on a quest of revenge to find those who killed his father and attempted to murder to Huang himself.

GTA: CW plays less like the later games in the GTA series and more like the top down GTA games of yore. Since Chinatown Wars was made for lower powered handheld systems however a lot of things that define the later games are absent in this version. Missions generally involve little more than shooting and driving and the game as a whole is much simpler.

Screenshot_2014-12-25-20-32-27GTA Chinatown Wars does have a few features not found in the later games. Chief among these is the supply/demand based drug dealing system where it is possible to buy low and sell high if you visit the right dealers. There are also scratch cars that can be bought to win money or free food.

Since GTA: CTW was originally a DS game there are a few existing touchscreen features. When jacking certain cars the player must complete a minigames to hotwire the car or disable its immobilizer. Molotov cocktails are also made using a touch interface.

Screenshot_2015-01-03-16-04-57Unfortunately, GTA Chinatown Wars suffers from a bevy of control problems that render playing the game with any kind of grace much harder than it should be. The digital controls for turning your car are nearly unusable and trying to drive though a few turns usually results in a quick collision. The analogue controls are no better. Weapon aiming is a chore and the auto aim likes to lock onto the least useful enemies possible. Only the controls for thrown weapons are easy to use. A Bluetooth control pad makes the game much more enjoyable, but this doesn’t excuse the poor virtual controls.

The problem with Chinatown Wars is that there are three other, better GTA games already on Android. GTA San Andreas has far more features, a massive world and much better controls. Both GTA III and GTA Vice City are fantastic games. Chinatown Wars, with its top down graphics and strange control method really can’t compete.

The game looks exactly the same as the game looked on DS. By today’s standards the game doesn’t look particularly good. Low res textures and poor gun effects aren’t very impressive but the game doesn’t look too bad. The stylized cutscenes still look great though, even if the lack of voice acting is a bit annoying.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
is a decent port of a fun game that follows the basic GTA formula. It has a good story and some fun gameplay, but the awkward controls, old school top down viewpoint and lack of precise weapon aiming make it a game for GTA diehards only. It’s hard to want to play it when there are three other, better GTA games on the platform.

Copter Suvival: An Adventure Review

Copter Suvival: An Adventure Review

Jan 2, 2015

Copter Survival: An Adventure is a new helicopter based endless runner where a small helicopter flies headlong though a cavern trying to run into coins. Does this apparently suicidal task make for a good game?

Copter Survival: an Adventure can be described in its entirely by the proceeding introduction. Using simple consoles the player steers a helicopter though an endless cavern system that seems to be randomly generated, adding a bit of interest. As well as the ever present cavern walls, floating mines also wait to blow up the intrepid helicopter. Fuel cans can be collected to keep the helicopter flying and coins litter the cavern, but these have no apparent use.

Screenshot_2015-01-01-17-11-09Copter Survival lacks any kind of level or goal structure unless a game like Jetpack Joyride or Punch Quest. The game is just an endless tunnel with coins that don’t do anything. There are no upgrades or anything to add any interest. Copter survival is far too simple for its own good and feels distinctly unfinished.

Copter Survival makes restarting after a death as annoying as possible. Every time the player blows up an ad appears that must be manually dismissed. at the beginning of every new game the game insists on redisplaying the tutorial text describing the controls, wasting a few seconds at the start of every game. Why this can’t be disabled is anyone’s guess.

As said above it is also a mystery as to why there are coins in the game. Coins do not do anything, cannot be spent and do not accrue over multiple games so they are completely useless.

Screenshot_2015-01-01-17-11-13Copter Survival gets dull very fast. While it is a bit of fun navigating your little helicopter though the cavern, the gameplay never changes and without a goal to reach or other gameplay to look forward to the game gets dull very quickly indeed. There is no adventure in this game.

Copter Survival doesn’t look great. The cavern itself is a boring, uniform brown, the helicopter looks like a piece of clipart and the game has no real animation to speak of. There is just nothing interesting to look at. The sound is limited to a looping helicopter sound and some completely uninspiring music.

Copter Survival: An Adventure is a dull, amateurish game that only gets duller with subsequent games. There are many better endless runners on Android that have an actual upgrade system and far better graphics.

Summoner’s War Review

Summoner’s War Review

Jan 1, 2015

Collection RPGs are a dime a dozen on Android. Does Summoner’s War stand out?

Summoner’s War is a collection RPG. Players summon a group of monsters and use them to fight their way through an increasingly more difficult series of battles. After most levels the player earns Runes which most of the game’s depth comes from. Engraving a rune on a monster adds a buff particular to that rune. Some runes might increase defence while others may enhance attack or accuracy. Each rune can also be powered up to make it stronger. This rune system is essential to doing well in battle as it can be used to cover up weaknesses in monsters. Amusingly, both attack and healing power is governed by a monster’s attack stat, so Fatal runes that increase attack also cause that monster to heal more HP when curing allies. Go figure.

Screenshot_2014-12-31-21-22-31As well as runes, each monster also has two different attacks, often a normal one and one that hits multiple times or has other effects, like healing. These often have cooldown timers, so a bit of strategy is needed to make the best use of them. Each monster also has an elemental attribute, making it more or less effective against enemy types.

All these extra gameplay facets add some much needed depth to Summoner’s War and make it far superior to many other, simpler games of this type.

A great feature of Summoner’s War is that players can leave reviews of monsters. These can be accessed from the monsters stats screen and often contain hints and other help from fellow players. This is very useful to work out if a certain monster is worth keeping or using runes on. More games need this feature.

Screenshot_2015-01-01-06-57-33This is tempered by the ridiculous decision to limit chatting to players who are level 8 or higher only. As in once the player has already been playing for at least a few hours. Asking noob questions or even viewing the ongoing chat is impossible, even though the latest message is displayed at the top of the screen in a truncated form the chat window itself cannot be opened. Brilliant.

The game is festooned with free to play. Multiple icons on the screen beg the player to buy various things. Indeed, despite the player being a summoner, precious little summoning happens in the game without large purchases of crystals as they are tough to get during gameplay without spending actual cash. This is not helped by the fact that some monsters that are summoned are entirely useless except for using as fodder to strengthen other monsters. Getting a useless monster instead of something that can be at least used in combat is a letdown.

Summoner’s War looks very nice. The graphics are vibrant and well detailed animation is smooth and looks good and attacks are flashy and animate well. In a sea of poorly animated RPGS on mobile the highly polished graphics of Summoner’s War are a welcome sight. Also for once there are female monsters and warriors that aren’t scantily clad and actually look badass. What a concept!

Summoner’s War is a well-made and polished RPG with a lot of gameplay on offer and a lot of good design decisions. Freemium shenanigans aside it is worth playing.