Freaking Math Review

Freaking Math Review

Aug 22, 2014

Simple games often thrive on phones. The format just suits simple games that can be played for minutes or even seconds when there’s a quiet moment or passing a phone between friends, trying to beat each other’s record. Freaking Math takes simplicity and files it down into something even more simple that simple. The result is a pretty damn simple game that looks like it took a few minutes to make, but is addictive, tough and a bit of fun.

Screenshot_2014-08-16-05-25-00Freaking Math is aptly described by its title. It makes you say f…reaking a lot and it is math. A series of sums appear on a colored screen that may be correct or incorrect. They are always very simple, elementary math level problems, such as 1+1=2 or 2+3=4. There is a tick and a cross button and the object is to tap the button to say whenever the sum is correct or not before time runs out, much like the little known 1977 Atari 2600 game Basic Math. Easy right? The catch is the time limit is literally one second. Taking more than one second to answer the sum or answering it wrong ends the game and displays the high score. The game is hard so games rarely last more than a minute and the game has a distinctly Flappy Bird-ish vibe to it, what with its super simple presentation and short game length.

The game gets harder the longer it is played and there are a series of achievements to shoot for, showcasing the rare players that can make it to 200 correct guesses. A high score list is also provided.

Screenshot_2014-08-16-05-23-11Despite seeming like a bad idea for a game, Freaking Math is addictive because of its challenge and how quick it is to play. Anyone who has played Flappy Bird will know the slightly masochistic tendencies that game tends to bring out in its players and Freaking Math is similar. The game is free and there are no irritating ads or anything in get in the way of its sole idea.

Freaking Math looks very basic. Graphically it consists of white text on brightly coloured screens with a large pair of buttons with a cross and a tick. This stark presentation is all that’s needed though and leaves no room for excuses about being unable to see or missing a button. The sound is limited to a click for a new game, a fanfare for getting one correct and a bzzt for losing. Get ready to hear that one a lot.

Freaking Math is simultaneously one of the easiest and hardest games on Android and perfect for a few moments with friends or just to work your brain a little. It is a testament to how just about anything can be made into a game and work well.

2K Releases New WWE Themed Card Game On Android

2K Releases New WWE Themed Card Game On Android

Aug 20, 2014

2K let it be known today that a new CCG based on the oiled up, lycra wearing spectacle that is the WWE has been unleashed on Android. Known as WWE Supercard, players can build up a deck of their favorite faces and heels to virtually virtually (geddit?) beat up other player’s stables of superstars. Both exhibition and King of the Ring modes are available. The whole idea sounds strangely awesome, even if the screenshot of two cardboard squares dancing in a ring is just a little goofy.

Players can purchase additional cards of “common” or “epic” rarity for the equivalent of about a dollar, the minimum purchase price is $1.99 and “super rare” cards can be had for $25 a pop.

You can count on Android Rundown to have a review up in the next few days to tell you exactly whenever this is worth tagging in.

Brave Tribe Review

Brave Tribe Review

Aug 19, 2014

Brave Tribe is another freemuiem citybuilder, but this one tells the story of a small Celtic village completely surrounded by Romans who like their food and a good fight. If this sounds familiar it sure is. The opening cutscene has a lot of homages to a certain heroic little Gaul and there is even a Monty Python reference squeezed in there.

Screenshot_2014-08-14-09-30-11All this personality pretty much disappears when the game begins though. Taking control of a nearly featureless village, the player must build it up into a stronghold capable of supporting stronger warriors and defeating the encroaching Romans. Fighting off the Romans is as simple as tapping on them a few times though at least after the player has waited an hour or two to produce swords. A few basic quests provide direction and additional things to tap on.

Brave Tribe suffers from the typically slower pace of games of this type. BT however is much slower than others because of its food system. Food is required as fuel for any building or object in the game to work. Including farms. Buildings that generate money, such as farms, banquet tables, and such require food to function. This means before anything else the player must plant food in one of the player’s four fields and wait at least 5 minutes for the fastest crop or 2 hours for crops that provide enough for a few buildings at once.

Screenshot_2014-08-14-08-31-31After waiting, the player taps the crops to harvest them (a 5 second process) and then uses the food to create swords or get a building producing resources. This leads to another long wait from 5 minutes to a few hours while the building ticks away. At the end of that the player can finally harvest the small amount of coins or the needed item from that building and the cycle starts anew. This means that players need to generally wait twice for any object. Players should count themselves lucky if they can interact with anything in Brave Tribe more than a few times a day.

Brave Tribe’s tedious “gameplay” isn’t helped by some of the most exasperating ads this reviewer has yet experienced in a mobile app. When the app is started it displays a screen with links to G5’s other games and a “play now” button for Brave Tribe, rather than just starting the app. There is an ad for other games permanently displayed in game and the game nags you to turn on notifications. Lastly, the 5th quest received is to rate the game in the Playstore. In a game that makes the player wait constantly unless they play money. Rarely is a game so overbearing and downright asinine with its marketing. Annoying doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Brave Tribe is redeemed slightly by its graphics. Clear, colorful and cartoonish they mesh well with the game’s harmonious music and basic but fitting sound effects.

Without a doubt Brave Tribe is some of the least fun it’s possible to have on Android. With a boring and annoying building system, incredibly slow progress and absolutely no thinking required Brave Tribe is not worth playing

Point and click with Bik!

Point and click with Bik!

Aug 18, 2014

Bik a humorous, retro styled Space Quest homage has landed on Android. With a charmingly archaic graphical style and equal parts venerable point and clickery and aliens with baked bean shaped heads It looks like a winner. “I Can’t Do That Here” indeed.

Bik is set to become a walk down memory lane for long term gamers, and at 99c it wont break the bank. Look for a full review of this one very soon.

Baseball General Manager 2014 Review

Baseball General Manager 2014 Review

Aug 18, 2014

Baseball General Manager 2014 is extremely light on actual management. Players expecting something even remotely as complex and fulfilling as Football Manger will be sorely disappointed. BGM plays more like a social game than anything else.

BGM2104’s gameplay is extremely simple. Players play games by simply tapping on play then choose an opponent. The game then randomly determines though pure team value who wins. Player level doesn’t seem to make much difference it is simply about who has the more valuable team. Energy is expended by playing and players can be trained which increases their value slightly, making the team stronger. That is the extent of BGM14’s gameplay.

Screenshot_2014-08-15-07-09-56There are no tactical options. Forget about even the simplest tactical options such as reorganizing your outfielders or pinching hitters. None of that happens because playing games in BGM simply involves tapping the “play” button and then a screen appearing telling the player whenever they won or lost.

There is no gameplay or management whatsoever. Signing new players is ridiculous as well. Players have no attributes. The only thing that matters is their value compared to other players. Higher value players make it easier to win. Signing new players simply involves bidding on a randomly selected group of players and hoping other players don’t outbid you. Any player of management games knows that scouting for and signing promising players is one of the most fun parts of the game, so this is a disappointment.

Screenshot_2014-08-15-04-42-13It is really a wonder that the MLB endorses this game as there isn’t even the barest vestiges of tactics available for matches. It captures none of the flair of baseball. It simply is not a management game at all.

Because this a freemium game, there are plenty of pay to win buffs as well, such as sport drinks that prevent training progress from mysteriously disappearing and just buying additional currency with real money.

Screenshot_2014-08-15-04-42-13Baseball General Manager 2014 is also distinctly unpolished. There is no sound at all, the interface looks cheap like a Facebook game and the message centre headings are inexplicably in Mexican rather than English. Server errors are common. The game as a whole is laggy despite being simple text and pictures. Training sometimes just plain doesn’t work unless you restart the app as it failed to unlock. Baseball General Manager 2014 just feels amateurish.

Baseball General Manager 2014 is not a management game at all and is not worth playing in the slightest. Fans of sport management have one choice on Android and that choice can only be Football Manger 2014. Grab that for a far, far more satisfying sporting experience.

Transport Tycoon Review

Transport Tycoon Review

Aug 18, 2014

Transport Tycoon is a well tweaked blast from the past that allows the player to build a transport empire from the ground up. Is it a wheely good time?

transporttycoon02This version of Transport Tycoon is actually not based on the original TT, but an older game known as Locomotion, also by the legendary Tom Sawyer. The basic idea is still the same though: the player starts in a land full of factories, coal mines and towns must construct a robust transport network to get goods where they need to be and passengers to their destination and make as much money doing it as possible.

To do this the player begins by constructing roads and railways if needed then the stations and depots for their vehicles. Goods can be shifted by a fleet of buses or trucks, but the real money is in a high quality rail network. This can shift massive loads of resources across vast distances quickly.

Screenshot_2014-08-12-23-09-20For example: the player sets up a small rail network to deliver coal and ore from mines to a steel mill. A truck station is built nearby and a fleet of trucks begin transporting the valuable metal to a nearby factory. The factory then creates goods, which are loaded onto a ship and shipped to a distant town on the other side of the map. That town has an airport, shunting passengers to another distant town and back in their passenger jets, raking in the cash. Of course other companies are out there vying for a bigger piece of the cargo pie. TT is all about building infrastructure in such a way that transport using it travels as quickly as possible.

TT has a great control system. A great touch based interface replaces the mouse cursor of yore and building global transport networks is a snap. A solid tutorial eases the player into the game as well.

Transport Tycoon features lots of fun scenarios, which range from making certain amount of profit to reaching a certain company rating. The large number of scenarios helps give the game focus and provide fun challenges.

Transport Tycoon has a few caveats, however. Road vehicles really need rebalancing as they carry little cargo and have a hard time paying for themselves. Trains and aircraft are much more efficient, so there is rarely a need to have a large road based network, which is a bummer for those who would like to try making a trucking company. The game also lacks an easy way to replace aging vehicles, so the player periodically has to trawl though their few dozen vehicles looking for superseded or unreliable older models.

The most major problem however is the rather broken way laying rail and road works. The game is incapable of levelling tertian without player input and even the slightest sideways slope or uneven land forbids anything being built on it. Laying a long stretch of rail to one area of the map to another usually involves fixing 15-20 squares of land at the least in lots of either 1 or 4. This was a major problem in the original game as well. Players of SimCity will be very frustrated.

Still Transport Tycoon retains all the depth and satisfying strategic gameplay the original had and with an active development forum and a driven fanbase the game can only get better.

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 gets less humble: three new games added!

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 gets less humble: three new games added!

Aug 14, 2014

About a week ago the generous souls at Humble Bundle bought out another grab bag of six games.


Eliss Infinity
Mines of Mars
Duet Premium
Combo Crew: Special Edition
Threes! (reviewed by AR).

Now three new games have been added to the bundle for discerning gamers.

Carmageddon (reviewed by AR).
Llamas With Hats
Time Surfer (reviewed by yours truly.)

With three games available for a buck or less if you wish and all NINE available for the current (as of time of writing) average price of just $4.52, there is no excuse to not be on your phone 24/7. Show your Android pride and grab them now.

Always remember you can choose where your money goes including to the Child’s Play Charity. Give generously so sick kids can enjoy the gift of gaming as well.

Alternately, you can donate to the EFF who protect the rights of the everyman online. Regardless of who you give to you can’t go wrong with nine games for $4.52.

Bug Heroes 2 Review

Bug Heroes 2 Review

Aug 14, 2014

Bug Heroes 2 is a cool mix of tactical base building tactical shooter and cockroaches. What could go wrong?

Bug Heroes 2 is about bugs at war. Every slug and ant must do their part. The player moves their two bug team around in real time using an invisible virtual stick and attacking is handled automatically.

Screenshot_2014-08-12-16-50-52Depending on which bug is picked the player might blast away at distance or close in for some melee action. During combat grunt bugs like ants with rifles and siege engine grubs are constantly produced on both sides and go about attacking enemies automatically so the battlefield is always full of some matter of six legged carnage or another. The auto produced bugs really give the game a great feel as there is always fighting going on and watching armies of bugs clash is great fun.

Each bug the player controls has several skills that are the difference between winning and losing battles. The great thing is how different each character is. The Moth uses vital healing and buffing magic, while the Honey Bee is a sword and pistol armed officer type that boosts the skills of all grunts around him and has other skills that make his allies much stronger. He himself is weaker than the Cicada, who is a well armoured commando with a shotgun and offensive skills. Any two bugs can be used for the player’s team and strategies change a great deal depending on what they’re using. A large array of purchasable weapons and items, as well as permanent buffs are also available. Bug Heroes 2 has depth in spades.

Screenshot_2014-08-13-18-29-26Moving close to build spots at the player’s base allows construction of many different types of turret for defence, like sniper towers or machine gun towers. Other building types like additional unit production structures to crank out more grunts or shield bubbles to protect the base are also available. The sheer amount of turrets and options available is overwhelming and offers load of strategic depth. Smartly placing turrets, like putting short range cannons in front of sniper towers with a shield over it all to deflect incoming fire is important.
Besides normal battles where the first one to lose or their food or have their store destroyed is the loser the game also features survival type mission where the player must survive an onslaught of evil bugs using just their bugs skills and

Between missions, new skills and buffs can be unlocked with coins gained from gameplay. New heroes also unlock randomly every few levels the player gains. Diamonds can be paid to unlock things early. Diamonds are premium currency, but there is no need to do so as things are unlocked at a good clip. Bug Heroes 2 has no nasty in-app purchases to speak of.

Bug Heroes 2 looks great. A cute but tough looking super-deformed style gives the game a unique look and combat looks great. Each character is full of personality and there is always something to look at. The sound is well done too. Weapons sound nice and beefy and combat sounds good. There is also some god music and a lot of speech which while repetitive is good to listen to.

Bug Heroes 2 is a highly polished, original game with no nasty freemium and tons of fun gameplay. Play it today!

Creative Mobile roars to 200 million game installs

Creative Mobile roars to 200 million game installs

Aug 13, 2014

Well known developer Creative Mobile announced this week that it has broken 200 million game installs… a huge number. The company also celebrated its 4th birthday at the same time. They grow up so fast. Creative Mobile’s most popular game is Drag Racing with 120 million installs. Drag Racing comes in both bike and car related flavors and the player can race supercars or download Drag Racing 4×4 for some interesting SUV vs truck action. With a strong range of games it is certain that Creative Mobile will only continue to grow.

unnamed lab Updated With Text Editor lab Updated With Text Editor

Aug 13, 2014 lab a in depth photo editor for Android has recently been updated with the ability to add text to your photos. Lab already boasts a large variety of photo effects and fun ways to play with your happy snaps.

The latest update allows users to add text to their photos in a variety of fonts and styles. This makes the app great for creating greeting cards from your favorite photos and any Instagram style ironic photos.

Check it out today.


Livesoccer Lauches Big Update!

Livesoccer Lauches Big Update!

Aug 13, 2014

Present technologies are the boffins behind the popular Android app Livesoccer. Previous covered on Android Rundown, Livesoccer enables soccer (Or football for our UK readers) fans to keep up with their favorite team effortlessly. Push notification about your favourite team’s escapades keep you up to date and the app has all the stats, coverage and news soccer aficionados could ask for.

Now PT has released a big update for the revered app, adding a brand new transfers area to the app which tracks where each player on the selected team is likely to play next season and keeps tabs on the hectic and cutthroat business of player transfers. Comment sections have also been added to every league and every team in the app, for easier gloating or griping.

An already amazing app for soccer fans, this update will be great news to followers of The Beautiful Game.

Gemhero Review

Gemhero Review

Aug 12, 2014

GemHero makes a terrible first impression since it forces the player to create a “Winnerconnect” account. Facebook login is also available but forcing the player into creating an account before they even get to see the game is a bit much. Then a very silly story appears featuring a knight being turned into a duck and the king assuming that killing the warlock that did it might free him. This is where the player comes in. After this an ad dialogue appears. This is before gameplay even starts.

Screenshot_2014-08-11-11-10-35After a short tutorial, the player is given a deck that is mostly comprised of angry sheep and sheep riders, which is kind of a letdown.

GenmHero’s gameplay is almost exactly like most other puzzle fighter type games. Like other, better games such as Puzzle Trooper the player matches groups of coloured tiles to get their monsters to attack. Unlike most games like this, though only matching swords causes direct attacks. Most shapes either do nothing or cause skill icons to appear. Tapping skill icons unleashes different elemental attacks, which are all the same. Items can be used during combat. The player starts off with a large stock of items that can heal and revive the party, and additional ones are quite expensive. These items are very important as the player takes damage quickly, especially if they get a bad run of tiles and reviving mid stage if the stage is lost costs a lot of coins.

The only difference between Gemhero and others of its type is the map like part of the game between battles. Each stage is split into several pathways with monsters treasure and heal pads along the way. Taking different routes causes the player to encounter different things and this is a bit more interesting than the boring menu of battles common to other puzzle fighters.

Screenshot_2014-08-11-03-27-12Besides the very basic choices provided by the map system there is nothing different about GemHero at all. Between battles players can upgrade their cards and spend in game currency or premium currency on additional cards to bolster their deck, just like every other puzzle fighting game ever. Monsters can be captured during battle as well, but there is only a very small chance of this happening. Still this is a nice touch.

GemHero looks unimpressive. The monster design is mundane and just not nearly as interesting as other games like Brave Frontier or the aforementioned, much cooler looking Puzzle Trooper. Sprites are very small and barely animate. The only battle animations are clouds of swords flying between the two sides and a few sparkly elemental attack effects as combos are matched and enemies attack. It is hardly completing stuff.

Gemhero isn’t really all that interesting and it plays very similarly to other puzzle fighters. Only the most diehard puzzle fans need apply.