The Secret Society Gets Update

The Secret Society Gets Update

Sep 19, 2014

G5 has updated The Secret Society in a major way.

Per the Press Release:

The Secret Society needs you – the Order’s Artifact seems to get into the hands of your worst enemy. Update The Secret Society® – Hidden Mystery to version 1.10 right away and help Seekers to collect clues left by Richard, examine mysterious meteorite fragments and crack the riddle of this theft!

The long-awaited 1.10 update is out on Google Play now. New plot twists of the latest version and over 100 quests are ready to involve you into new fantastic investigations. It is absolutely FREE, supplies weeks of delightful gaming experience, faster and smoother gameplay, an amiable new avatar and more bonuses. Add more challenge and delight to your spare time!

What’s New in Version 1.10:

The long-awaited update to your favorite game, The Secret Society, is finally here!

NEW HIDDEN OBJECT SCENE – Treasure Island is very mysterious and immensely challenging, just the way you like it!
MORE QUESTS AND COLLECTIONS – Over 100 new quests and 16 new collections. Can you solve and gather them all?
SPECIAL MAGIC BUTTERFLIES – Collect these beautiful creatures and earn loads of incredible rewards!
TALLY THE TALISMANS – Find new talismans to get more crystals and coins at reduced prices!
MEMORY IMPROVEMENTS – Enjoy faster and more comfortable play!

About the game:

In The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery you join the Order of Seekers, a secret society of people with a unique ability to move inside magic worlds. You travel through photographs in search for clues to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of your missing uncle, and to prevent the dangers threatening the entire Secret Society. You will look for myriad of clues in photographs you move within. These clues, if gathered together with others, will expand even further the world you’re traveling and serve to help you unravel the mysteries you’re tasked with. Some of these puzzles are harder than others, but on the whole, you will find The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery polished and engaging.

The game offers a completely engaging and wholly entertaining experience. Exploring the pictures is done via a map, which shows all of the pictures you can visit. You’ll unlock additional pictures as you progress. When you enter a picture you’re given a list of items – sometimes listed in text form, other times as silhouettes, sometimes one, sometimes a piece that’s broken into a multiple – and you’ll need to find them before time runs out. You will be revisiting the same pictures, but as you progress the challenges will get more diabolical as you will have to find more and more items in a very short allotted time. In addition you will play puzzle games such as memory, pipes or a maze to find additional pieces.

There’s a whole range of different helpful items and powerups, which includes everything from hints that point out objects you can’t find to flashlights that light up the night time levels. You’ll collect these as you complete rooms, but they can also be purchased with the game’s premium currency. Take advantage of a compass that will locate the item, dynamite that will clear it from your list, pocket watch that will add time if you cannot complete a level within allowed minutes. Other power ups include ancient talismans, tools, food and drinks that you can purchase from within the game with coins you collect while playing the scenes or via in-app purchases. Collect all of the awards, to level up quicker; share your progress with friends and get special bonuses.

Meet interesting characters, fulfill engaging missions, discover new magic worlds and learn the secrets of the Order of Seekers. The fantastic blend of hidden object tasks and puzzles in The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery will entertain the avid adventure, hidden object and puzzle gamers. The game is developed by MyTona and published by G5 Entertainment.

Key Features:

Nearly 1600 quests to keep you entertained for hours
23 amazing locations full of interesting characters
240+ сollections of hidden objects to piece together
Gem Match mini-game: swap and match gems to get 3 in a row!
Ingenious mini-games puzzles wrapped in mystery
Regular updates with additional quests and more

The app is available for free (with in-app purchases) on the Play Store. The update trailer is below.

My KODAK Moments App Gets Update That Brings New Video Feature

My KODAK Moments App Gets Update That Brings New Video Feature

Sep 19, 2014

The My KODAK Moments App recently received an update that brings an interesting new video generation feature.

Now, users can try out the “Tell My Story” feature. This feature allows users of the app to select any three device-hosted images and to cobble them together with voice-overs. Kodak Alaris promises users a more engaging, personalized sharing experience, and it helps that the resultant product can be shared via social networks, text and email.

The new features are in addition to existing, including printing and ordering via device, and the ability to connect to KODAK kiosks via wi-fi.

The app showcases the continued innovation of the reborn company; Kodak Alaris Chief Ralf Gerbershagen talks about what drives the Kodak Alaris. “In a world where we capture more images and share more images than ever before, we’re passionate about helping people capture, keep, share, relive and celebrate their precious moments as easily as possible,” he says. “We’re driven by a simple belief – to help consumers find a better way. It drives us to keep innovating and push the boundaries between the physical (retail space) and digital (mobile/PC) environments.”

The updated My KODAK Moments app is available for free on the Play Store.

[Source: Kodak Press Release]

StatCounter unveils new Android App

StatCounter unveils new Android App

Sep 19, 2014

Webmasters rejoice!

Well-known analytics measuring entity StatCounter has just released an app for Android.

The app brings a lot of what StatCounter is known for to Android devices; as soon as a user is signed in, the user can (per the StatCounter blog):

- Compare your traffic trends for this week versus last week
- Examine recent visitors
- View your most popular pages
- Check where your traffic came from
- Plus much more

The app is available for free on the Play Store.

[Source: StatCounter Blog]

Augmented Reality Game Ingress Gets New How-To Video

Augmented Reality Game Ingress Gets New How-To Video

Sep 19, 2014

Ingress has a way inserting itself into conversation.

I was at an informal reunion of my wife’s class, held at a restaurant last winter. As the evening wore on, I happened to over hear one of my wife’s old classmates talking about “hacking” with his wife.

Boom. I lost track of time. We talked about strategies, local hotspots, the challenges of playing as a couple and making friends with the “enemy.”

Some of the others at the table were curious about what elicited such engaged conversation. As anyone that plays Ingress can tell you though, you almost have to play it to get it. Google’s Niantic Labs’ augmented reality thriller is especially interesting, but also quite hard to explain. Thus, we probably sounded like a few techno geeks on a smartphone high.

We probably didn’t do a good job of recruiting, but I blame the developer.

Thankfully, Niantic Labs has released a new video that helps in situations like this. This new video does a great job at discussing gameplay basics:

Ingress remains free on the Play Store.

[Source: Androidcentral]

Soccer Fitness Gols Review

Soccer Fitness Gols Review

Sep 19, 2014

Sometimes, we get apps to review that are so natural to use. As a licensed soccer coach who has played and coached The Beautiful Game most of my life, I have an intimate understanding of how seriously fitness impacts the sport. It’s an important, and there are quite a number of wearables aimed at this segment.

In any case, checking out apps like Soccer Fitness Gols not only feels natural, it feels like its my duty. So there.

The app itself is simple in design, with bright green, turf-like graphics making up the main background. The developer uses different shades of green in places to contrast the mostly white main screen text. The UI, as noted, is simple, and uses mostly uses taps and some gestures as the main modes of navigation.gol1

The main menu provides a few options: Programs, Assessment, Leaderboard and Profile. The Program submenu is futher broken into Strength, Endurance, Power, Speed and Flexibility. Each of these categories has three levels of difficulty aimed at people of different stages of fitness (beer league? Hilarious), and selecting one opens up the fitness activities to be done. Now, the exercises were my favorite part, incorporating a lot of warm-up moves familiar to soccer players, and several logical sequences, with video accompanying the descriptions and instructions. The program lists goals (sorry, gols) and allows the user to tweak the actual number achieved, which actually worked to encourage me to “beat” the gol. When done, the results can be saved (to be compared to past and future results), assessed and/or shared to social networks.

It turns out that “gols” isn’t just a funky way of spelling the obvious word; it is also a measure of activity. Gols are assigned for doing the workouts, and used to populate the Leaderboards. The Assessment is self-explanatory, and the Profile allows for users to personalize usage stats.

I especially like the video aspect, and the leaderboard adds a competitive aspect. I do think there could be more media content, and probably a little bit of nutritional pointers. Still, it’s an app I have no problem allowing my players to use.

Or myself, for that matter.

Gold Rush Sim 1849 Receives Silver-Themed Expansion Pack

Gold Rush Sim 1849 Receives Silver-Themed Expansion Pack

Sep 18, 2014

1849, a simulation game based on the Gold Rush of the 19th Century, has just received a new expansion pack. The new pack, named Nevada Silver, expands the game on a different prospecting track.

About 1849: Nevada Silver
The original 1849 puts players in the well-worn boots of a true forty-niner — building, managing, and mining twenty towns clustered in California’s iconic Gold Country. Story mode challenges players to complete self-contained scenarios, while an endless Sandbox mode invites marathon open-ended play.*

The new 1849: Nevada Silver expansion pack carries the simulation into neighboring Nevada to present six challenging new scenarios set during the Comstock Silver Rush, ten years after the Gold Rush kicked off in California. With trains moving goods between distant cities, steam-powered mills boosting production, and more complex mining processes yielding deeply hidden riches, 1849: Nevada Silver expands on 1849′s addictive gameplay to provide even more challenge on a bustling new frontier.

*At launch, the mobile versions of 1849 only had Story mode. Sandbox mode has since been added in a free update, meaning both Story and Sandbox mode are now included on all platforms.

The game itself is available for $4.99; the expansion pack is an extra $1.99 via in-app purchase.

Leo’s Fortune Goes On Sale On Google Play

Leo’s Fortune Goes On Sale On Google Play

Sep 18, 2014

Leo’s Fortune, the memorable platform game from 1337 & Senri, is going on sale.

The game is a mash-up of adventure and puzzles, with scenery to match. It chronicles Leopold, an interestingly looking furball, and features, leaderboards, cloud saves, Android TV optimization and gamepad functionality.

From the Play Store datasheet:

through lush environments from mossy forests and arid deserts, to pirate cities and snowy mountains.
vicious traps and solve physics-based puzzles through 24 levels of treacherous platform adventure.
the trail of gold and uncover the truth behind Leo’s stolen fortune in this award-winning platformer.
Finish Leo’s Fortune to unlock Hardcore Mode: try to beat the whole game without dying, a rare feat among players of this epic platform adventure! Compete with your friends to beat as many levels as you can in the fastest time possible.
Leo’s Fortune supports Game Controllers and Gamepads made for Android devices, Cloud Save, Leaderboards and Achievements.

Leo’s Fortune can be purchased on the Play Store for $2.99. There isn’t any word on how long the sale will be live, so get in on it while it’s hot!

Agenday Smart Calendar Review

Agenday Smart Calendar Review

Sep 18, 2014

Making everyday business activities easier is a worthy goal that definitely earns developers a spot in heaven. With Agenday Smart Calendar, PGi might have a chance to go up yonder.

The use interface is appropriately businesslike, with the default soft hues and flashes of orange. The welcome screen is tastefully crafted, with weather, date and meetings that are planned for the current day. The date bar is scrollable, and there is a calendar button nestled to the top right, along with the familiar Android-standard three-button menu access. Tapping on a specific part of the weather information leads to Weather Underground, from which more specific weather information can be procured. Altogether, the UI feels clean and intuitive, and avoids the pitfall of being too cluttered.age1

Tapping on the menu button gives an idea of the app’s functionality as a scheduling and conferencing hub. The app automatically pulls in the emails already attached to the hosting device, and tapping “Schedule Meeting” out of the app menu suggests adding a conference service. If this is selected, the user is led to a menu where conference call info can be added. Then, Agenday calls up the installed calendars on the device (and if there is more than one with the appropriate permissions, it allows the user to pick the preferred one). In the main menu, there is also the option to “Meet Now” which allows one to set up a call now.

As already noted, the app stands out by streamlining conference calls. It works with services like GoToMeeting and Linc on the fly, allowing for one-touch dialing and connection to pre-configured conference calls. Additionally, I found it calls up navigation utilities from within the app for drive-to locations.

The extras help make the app standout. For the business professional on the go, integration with LinkedIn and Salesforce should be very welcome. It interfaces with the installed contacts/people utility too, so a lot of actions can be performed from the app. The widget is also a nice touch.

When it’s all said and done, Agenday makes its name by doing more, and doing more simply. Being free makes if feel even more of a steal.

Disney’s Star Wars: Commander Lands On Android

Disney’s Star Wars: Commander Lands On Android

Sep 18, 2014

Today, Disney has officially released Star Wars: Commander on Android OS.

Based on the iconic franchise its name is derived from, this strategy thriller transports players to a time of Galactic Civil War. Players get to choose sides, build assets and challenge other players.

Excerpts from the official press release:

Disney’s #1 free to play mobile game, Star Wars: Commander, officially launched today on Android and Windows enabled devices. Star Wars™: Commander is a free-to-play combat strategy game that has fans joining either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire to recruit and lead an unstoppable force across the Star Wars™ galaxy in epic battles to claim ultimate victory for their side.
In addition to launching on Android and Windows, Disney plans to continue to update the game with new stories and characters that allow players to interact with the Star Wars universe in a fun and interactive way.

Star Wars: Commander is available for free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.

Askem Now Available on Android

Askem Now Available on Android

Sep 16, 2014

Q&A app Askem, originally launched on iOS last year, has made its way to Android devices.

The self-described image-based social application works to help get feedback on questions with the use of image and applied pop-up text. It also breaks down the statistics from the answers.

Askem chief Itai Herman talks about the engagement aspect. “Social Media is about crowdsourcing information and opinions to enhance our own lifestyle, and people enjoy both contributing and receiving input within this setting,” he says. “Askem gives people the opportunity to reach out to their circles in a fun, highly engaging, and useful way. We are excited to expand our reach into these new markets and offer users a creative and unique way to ask any question and get the answers they need quickly.”

Excerpt from the press release:

Askem, the Israeli startup that developed the leading visual question and answer (Q&A) app, announced today that the platform is available for Android Google Play and Amazon Fire. The decision to move ahead with an Android-friendly version was the result of high demand from Askem users and the expectancy that Android users will reach 1 billion worldwide in 2014. Today, Askem boasts 500,000 users worldwide and plans to add more innovative features in the coming months.

First launched for iOS in 2013, Askem’s easy-to-use, interactive Q&A app enables users to upload images and poll their social universe to get answers to everyday questions in real time. The app offers segmented analytics to users, which are broken down into different categories including gender. Askem for Android and Fire will have matching capabilities to the iOS version.

Other Q&A apps exist, but none measure up to Askem in terms of look and feel, customization and specialized features. Askem users can upload images and create up to five unique answer choices when many other platforms limit their users to a binary choice. Shareable on all major social media platforms, Askem is focused on providing users with a fun way to interact with friends and followers by questioning anything from fashion choices to top travel destinations and the best restaurants to try.

To date, the company has raised $1.85M from prominent investors Microsoft Ventures, Disruptive VC and Joey Low of Star Farm Ventures.

The app is available for free on both the Play Store and Amazon Appstore.

My App Addiction: HanDBase

My App Addiction: HanDBase

Sep 16, 2014

Oh boy…

I had just officially started as the new editor of Android Rundown. I had just received 72 emails, a directive or two from above, and was trying to figure out the management piece in the deep end. Scary stuff, trust me.

One element that I had to master — and master quickly — was the budgeting piece. This is key with regards to any publication: controlling costs and charting output allows one to manage the creative process in a reasonable manner. Getting a bead on what type of articles are being written is exceptionally important.

I needed a good tool… something that I could rely on tell help me sort and organize the data I had, and also do calculations using the inputted data. Now, I could use an Excel sheet, yes, but the solution that works even better for me is one I have used across platforms for a very long time: HanDBase. I have used this nifty program for quite a while, across several platforms, and it remains an important piece in my personal productivity puzzle.


HanDBase is a database app at its heart. If there is a specific data collection need, HanDBase can be used to create and manipulate the data. Movie collections, patient billing, repair logs… you name it. I use it to collate health stats, which I then email to my doctor directly from the app. I also use it as a clock-in utility, and, with the help of its developer, got a custom data spreadsheet for my writers, which gives my an idea of how we are doing as a writing unit. Basically, HanDBase is an app that allows me to create apps hosted within it; no need for other apps, because this app is so flexible.

Part of my personal solution is the optional desktop companion, which syncs to the app via local wi-fi. I can also share specific databases with other HanDBase users. One of my favorite features is the support; there is a whole gallery of categorized database templates crafted by members and the developer. Also, there are forums and email support is topnotch.

When it comes to evaluating cross-platform apps that allow folks to get things done on the move, it’s hard not appreciate HanDBase. Scarily enough, there’s still room to grow, and the folks at DDH seem quite willing to push the envelope. Simply put, I refuse to use a mobile platform that does not have this app available.

Once Upon a Runner Review

Once Upon a Runner Review

Sep 16, 2014

Honestly, I expect quite a bit from running titles. Give me cool graphics. Give me action.

Give me Once Upon a Runner?

I was sucked in somewhat by the artwork. It’s handcrafted, and the dark looks mostly underscore the developer’s design motif. The graphics highlight the basic left to right running action that is almost ubiquitous with regards to runners, and the animations are smooth. The 2D presentation is different from the top-down view that is favored by a lot of developers in this genre, but it works well.

The gameplay isn’t one to lollygag; it gets right to it. There are two modes (story and endless); after the all too short tutorial, which highlights the virtual control mechanism, the game gets going with “real” running. Our once1heroine can jump over obstacles like boulders and ditches, while conversely she can slide under baddies like branches and birds the appear along the runway. What I think makes the game a bit different than the norm is rate at which the obstacles appear right off the bat; it gets really busy very quickly. Additionally, there are plenty of goodies and boosts to pick up as well: extra lives, timed invulnerability and more. There is a rechargeable ball of fire that can be used to destroy some obstacles, and there is only a set number of hits our runner can take before succumbing to clumsiness.

The game sports six levels, and even finds a way to incorporate bosses and varying difficulty levels. The end result is a leveled, scored survival quest which cleverly includes some elements of twitch reactions to keep the game fun. Gems can be acquired to gain assets from the in-app store, and this can be supplemented with real cash.

I wasn’t a fan of the control layout; the way the slide and jump buttons are stacked tends to make me either glance away from the action to the controls, or simply mishit controls periodically. On the other hand, I like the quick action sets, and the addition of secondary characters to the gameplay.

All in all, it’s a fun game, and no doubt should end up on the “favorite” list of many a mobile gamer.