Swype Gets an Update

Swype Gets an Update

May 26, 2016

Swype just got a quick update.


Korean keyboards – CJI+, Naratgul & Sky
Added a set of India languages
Language database refresh
Bug fixes and optimizations

Swype costs $0.99 on the Play Store; a free trial version is available as well.

Crashing Season Launches on Android

Crashing Season Launches on Android

May 26, 2016

KouKoi Games just brought a new game o Google Play called Crashing Season; the game looks to be an atypical running game.

Crashing Season is an award winning action-packed runner game, with a physics based 3D world in which your mission is to survive and beat waves of enemies, fight mean bosses and complete goals!
Evil hunters and their bosses have destroyed the money vault of the animals in their quest for world dominance. Now it is time for epic revenge! Collect your coins and diamonds back and take over the world yourself while beating any enemy that stands in your way. It’s CRASHING SEASON – The world’s first closed area runner game with award winning low poly styled 3D graphics and artwork!

Crashing Season is completely free to download and play, but there are optional in-app purchases available. Either way, get ready to help the animals in their quest for world dominance!

★ Survive and beat waves of enemies in different levels, fight mean bosses and complete challenges
★ Unlock new wacky animal characters, each with their own unique boost!
★ Unlock, use and upgrade boosts, power-ups and little helpers
★ Customize your characters with awesome accessories
★ Compete against other players on global high score rankings
★ Challenge other users in multiplayer gameplay for extra rewards

The game is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play. Check out the trailer below:

Monster Sweeperz Launches on US Play Store

Monster Sweeperz Launches on US Play Store

May 26, 2016

4.33’s Monster Sweeperz has launched on Google Play.

Command troops of Sweeperz on armed tanks and battle endless monster waves!
Advance tanks and strategically fire cannons in an easy-to-play shoot ’em up RPG

Customize your crew from over 400 adorable characters of different classes, skills and elements

Upgrade, evolve and reinforce your crew and tanks to become an ultimate force

Conquer over 100 stages and various single & mission modes

Shoot together with friends and help each other to advance

The game is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.


The Jamstik+ SmartGuitar Adds Android Support

The Jamstik+ SmartGuitar Adds Android Support

May 26, 2016

Zivix’s jamstick+ SmartGuitar is now supports Android, which opens up the door to folks that want to learn how to play guitar on select Android and Android TV devices.

The jamstick+ is a bluetooth MIDI device that somewhat looks and handles like part of a real guitar; support comes by way of a spanking new jamstick+ app hosted on Google Play. The app has guided lessons, and creative tools for advanced musicians, and more.

The hardware does more than just simulate guitar; since it is essentially a MIDI controller, one can tweak the sound output. It senses where one’s fingers are, is always in tune, and its reduced profile mean that it is infinitely more portable than a regular sized guitar.

The app allows one to purchase more content, and it also monitors the battery life of the hardware.

Zivix chief Ed Cannon is clearly happy to be on Android. “We’ve always wanted to bring the jamstik+ to Android, and the latest version allows our smart guitar to be one of the first Bluetooth MIDI devices compatible with the platform,” he says. “We are proud to help pioneer music technology on the Android platform and will continue to develop new experiences around our products. With its availability on both major platforms, the jamstik+ makes learning guitar and writing music more accessible than ever.”


The jamstick+ costs $299.

Vector 2 Review

Vector 2 Review

May 26, 2016

Tis the season for sequels. Vector 2 is here.

For those of us that were engaged in the original, this new game should be delightfully nostalgic. The game, again, is taken in in landscape, with dark colors taking precedence to give the game its core visual character. The main character looks shadowy in its black form, and the entire playing area looks believably futuristic, with plenty of smooth animated action that works in 2D. It’s easy to love the simulated parkour moves, and thesounds frame the gameplay well.

Think of this as a side-scrolling, platform adventure. The basic idea is to control the aforementioned silhouetted runner across an interestingly laid out running area, from right to left and hopefully all the way to the end of the level. Controlling the runner is done with the help of gestures, and these are fairly intuitive: swiping up initiates a jump, and swiping down invokes an evasive maneuver (like a slide); there are also times when one can swipe horizontally to create a burst of speed.


Now, navigating the running area is where the game creates the challenge. At the start of an episode, the runner begins to run, and continues to run forward continuously on his/her own. There are plenty of obstacles, and it takes a bit of care to get by them, as in knowing when to jump or slide or even stay pat. Jumping a pit early can create issues, as one can land in a bad area, and jumping needlessly can have negative effects too. The cool visuals take front and center; the runner will usually execute a parkour-ish move depending on the the type of obstacle presented.

The game allows for attributes and equipment to be upgraded using a dual system of game currency. Real cash can be used, but can be avoided with patience, as this one has an energy requirement.

Still, it is an enjoyable romp, and is capable of providing loads of entertainment.

Hungry Shark World Review

Hungry Shark World Review

May 24, 2016

The ravenous sharks are back… in Hungry Shark World.

The game retains the visual charm of its predecessor, with fun 3d color use that clearly underscores the underwater/seaside environment. The developer does a pretty good job of simulating a natural aquatic environment, with dark hues and plenty of marine life wandering around in the three provided worlds.

The corresponding life and air scenes are believable as well, and the both scenes complement each other well. The animations are pretty slick, and, as an element to help convey aspects of the gameplay, are quite proficient.

Sounds? Appropriately gruesome when needed, and help frame the experience in a positive manner. The game is able to be played silently for those who need or want to, which is another testament to the graphics.

The core gameplay is fairly easy to understand, especially for those who played the original; one gets to start out with shark… basic, maybe a bit entry-level. Said sea beast is controlled via two main virtual buttons: one serves as a joystick, and the other is a boost button, which gives the shark temporary vitality. The shark has a life-bar that is continually consumed by just swimming around. If the bar is completely depleted, the shark dies.

There’s one way to keep the life-bar up. Consume food.


As such, one roams around, looking to eat smaller fish and a few other morsels. The schools of fish are smart enough to avoid the shark though, so one has to be crafty, quick of hand and willing to use that boost ability periodically.

Easy? Not so fast.

See, it’s not all marine goodness for the shark; some creatures bite (and sting back). Some things are toxic, and some things are just bigger. Some edibles can only be overcome by bigger sharks, and one has to do all this stayin’ alive while completing tasks like looking for gold. The game incorporates leveling, and one can procure better sharks (up to the famed Great White), but it takes a bit of time and patience.

All in, it’s a fun going, with easy-to-understand progressions and the ability to be challenging and creative.

DDTank Brasil Celebrates Mass Adoption with Update

DDTank Brasil Celebrates Mass Adoption with Update

May 20, 2016

Brazil-centric game DDTank Brasil is thanking players who have downloaded it droves with a pretty massive update.

Per the presser, the update brings:

— Enchantment Success Rate & Enchantment Level Limit Boost!
Enchanting weapons and equipment helps increase their attack and stats, but not every attempt is successful. DDTank Brasil is changing the rate for low level items, and introducing Enchanting Stones. Players can also use Grace Charms to prevent any level loss.

— Jewelry System
Jewelry bought in the Shop, except rare jewelry, will now be permanent — and players can boost jewelry stats by absorbing other jewelry of the same quality.

— World Boss System
The Dark Dragon is stronger than ever! There will be just one World Boss, and it will come back to life a minute after being defeated – with more HP and overall power. Players can compete to be one of the top warriors to fight in the boss battle for extra rewards! DDTank Brasil will also be adding Guild Bosses in the near future.

— Cross-Server Duels
Cross-server Duels will be a weekly event. Players are divided into 25 leagues, and will face off against players around the same level and Battle Rating. Players will also get Duel Tokens to purchase items. Player progress will be recorded with stars. Win to gain stars and advance, or lose to see your stars taken away.

— Magic Marmite System
After smashing Magic Marmites, players earn points and can also win rare prizes such as Weapons, Pet Shards, Pet Fodder, Rings, Essence, and all kinds of stones!

The app remains free with in-app purchases.

Inaugural Google Play Awards Winners Announced

Inaugural Google Play Awards Winners Announced

May 19, 2016

Google is giving us an idea of whhich games it thinks have moved the needle a bit with its first Google Play awards.

Without much ado, they are (as announced at Google I/O 2016):

Best App: Houzz Interior Design Ideas
Best Early Adopter: World Around Me
Best Families App: Thinkrolls 2
Best Go Global: Pokemon Shuffle Mobile
Best Game: Clash Royale
Most Innovative: NYT VR
Best Use of Material Design: Robinhood
Best Standout Indie: Alphabear
Best Use of Google Play Game Services: Table Tennis Touch
Best Standout Startup: Hopper

Nominees are listed HERE.


Adobe Illustrator Draw Gets Better with Fresh features

Adobe Illustrator Draw Gets Better with Fresh features

May 18, 2016

Adobe Illustrator Draw, the free creative application for Android just updated to a new build, and the changes should definitely be appreciated.

Per Google Play:


Long press on the Brush icon to change your brushes
Draw now works on tablet configurations. We have now enabled this on the major tablets configurations.
SPen for Android devices are now supported on Draw.
We’ve improved overall performance and stability.
If you enjoy using Draw, please share a nice review. It really helps!

The app remains free.

MatchYS Launches on Android

MatchYS Launches on Android

May 18, 2016

Crysoft’s new game MatchYS is available and ready to play on Google Play and Amazon.

Help Pauly to get rid the mess of his room before his mother Loretta comes home, but be careful because she will not be the least of his problems!

You will have to sharpen your eyes, be fast and precise in this fast-paced puzzle game.

Every child loves his toys and the the small Pauly’s bedroom makes no exception, it is literally packed to the rafters.
Pauly’s mom, Loretta, wants everything to be clean and tidy, before she leaves the house, so she entrusted his son the task of keeping in place the toys. Easier said than done!

Terence, Pauly’s little prankster brother, is still there and he can’t wait to sneak in the bedroom to play by diving into incredible adventures of knights and dragons, space battles and car chases. And to make matters worse, the family clumsy big dog Horatio roams freely around the house, creating even more havoc.

Will be Pauly able to put everything in order before his mother returns?

MatchYS main features
• Fast, mind grabbing puzzle game . Easy to play, hard to master!
• 100 levels of pure fun. Simple, smart but also challenging.
• Unpredictable events. Keep an eye on the bedroom door: Terence, Horatio and Loretta are still lurking.
• Incredible vintage style graphics. Uncover or re-discover toys that any of us had fun at least once.
• Challenge your friends. Connect to Facebook and discover who will be the King of the Bedroom.

The game is free (with ads). Check out the trailer below:

Strava Adds ‘Live Segments’ to Android Feature Set

Strava Adds ‘Live Segments’ to Android Feature Set

May 18, 2016

Cross-platform socially minded fitness utility Strava is getting an update which brings a vaunted new feature.

Called Live Segments, the new feature allows users to make use of real-time audio and visual helpers while monitoring personal progress.

It’s all part of a system designed to be a better solution for runners and cyclists.

An in-depth description of the Live Segments is posted here.

Product Manager Crosby Freeman talks about the evolution of the visual aspect. “Originally we had this idea of a circular dial that would update your progress in a ‘clock’ style,” he says. “We evolved from the dial to the present Live Segment view, which is sort of modeled off of those old 2D race car video games. This view allows us to expand and show more goals in the future.”

Strava remains free (with optional in-app purchases) on Google Play; check out the trailer below:

[via Strava Blog]

‘Where Angels Cry’ Goes Free on Android for Limited Time

‘Where Angels Cry’ Goes Free on Android for Limited Time

May 17, 2016

G5 is doing its thing with yet another free giveaway — this time, the puzzler Where Angels Cry. For a limited time, it is free on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

Download Where Angels Cry for free! Don’t miss out!

Embark on a secret mission to a mysterious and isolated monastery!

Journey deep into the Alps to a remote medieval monastery, where you must investigate the disappearance of Brother John as well as the curious case of a weeping statue. Explore the monastery and its eerie surroundings while interrogating its inhabitants, completing challenging tasks, solving perplexing puzzles and playing dozens of mini-games. Uncover a sad and shocking story of love and treachery in this exciting adventure game!

● 18 amazing mini-games and puzzles to solve
● Seven mysterious locations to explore
● Three modes: casual, adventure and challenge
● Collect 21 angels to unlock additional achievements
● HD graphics and a riveting storyline

The offer is valid from now through May 22nd.