10 Cents Money Manager is a Highly-Customizable Expense Tracking App

10 Cents Money Manager is a Highly-Customizable Expense Tracking App

Sep 11, 2012

There's really no excuse to not use a budget tracking app nowadays. Says the guy who doesn't use one. "I'll figure it out!" doesn't quite work as well as a motto when the credit card bill comes in. However, 10 Cents – Money Manager wants to make it extremely easy to manage money on Android.

The app can be best described as a basic framework for tracking money that is then extensively customizable to an individual's needs. Expenses and income can be tracked in individual accounts, and charged to various categories. The app lists and tracks on a monthly basis. It's not hard to add in customized categories, subcategories, and individual expense and income accounts to make this an easy app to use for tracking expenses the way the user wants to. Pie charts of expenses and incomes can be easily viewed, for a visual look at how one's money is being spent.

Plus, the app makes it extremely easy to use on tablets and on 4.x devices with its optimizations. Maybe now I'll finally have a good idea of how and where I'm spending my money, since it's this easy now! 10 Cents – Money Manager is available for free from Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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