[adult swim] to Launch Robot Unicorn Attack and Their Video App on Android

[adult swim] to Launch Robot Unicorn Attack and Their Video App on Android

Apr 19, 2011

It looks as if adult swim is jumping whole hog into Android at last, as the quirky late-night programming block on Cartoon Network has announced via Joystiq that they will be starting to release some of their games and apps on Android.

First up is possibly adult swim’s most popular game, Robot Unicorn Attack. This irreverent take on the endless runner genre has you playing as a robotic unicorn (just as it says on the tin), rushing through rainbow-infused landscapes, collecting stars and rushing through rocks for bonus points. The game makes you go through 3 runs for a collective high score, instead of just basing high scores on one run like most other endless runner games, so consistency is the name of the game here. Oh, and did I mention that the whole game is set to the sounds of “Always” by Erasure? If a robot unicorn wasn’t ludicrous enough, wait until the music comes into play. The game will support cross-platform leaderboards and achievements with the iOS version through OpenFeint. The game will launch today on the Android Market for $0.99, although it is not yet available as of publication. No word on if the Heavy Metal or Christmas editions will come to Android yet.

While adult swim is saying that some of their other games that have been ported to iOS might make the jump to Android at some point, one of their other iOS apps will be hitting the Android Market in May – the adult swim app. On iOS, this app provides access to the schedule, video clips, full episodes of selected shows, and even a calculator, because who doesn’t need a calculator? The Android app should boast a similar feature set. This is exciting, as the app provides free access to full episodes of their shows on a mobile phone, something that other networks have sought to block unless sold through official methods, and even streaming services like Hulu and Netflix are unavailable on Android so far.

While adult swim isn’t making a major commitment to the OS quite yet, it will be interesing to see if their games like Robot Unicorn Attack succeed, which seems like a likely possibility given the success of other established mobile IPs like Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds on Android. The coming months should bring plenty of quirky goodness to Android owners. Yet stil, the world waits for a mobile version of “Give Up, Robot.”

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