Election Got You Down? Alternative Facebook Client ‘Friendly’ Arrives on Google Play

Election Got You Down? Alternative Facebook Client ‘Friendly’ Arrives on Google Play

Dec 7, 2016

Facebook, for all the familiality it engenders, can still be a pretty rough place. It has become a melting pot for interesting pronouncements and scary prognostications — and that is before you add election cycles into the mix.

Friendly is a Facebook client that looks to cut through a lot of the unwanted noise, and present Facebook to you the way you want Facebook presented: in a friendlier way.


Friendly’s signature feature is a nifty keyword filter; it can be used to filter out posts that contain certain words of phrases. So, if posts containing “Smokey Bear” get your goat, you can then get posts and stories containing it to not appear on your feed.

But wait… there’s more…

The filter works both ways. It is also possible to highlight search terms you want to see more of. SO, if “Vader” makes you smile uncontrollably, you can get more posts related to the dark side of the force to show up in your feed.


And still more…

The app also consolidates Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram into one application. It includes sorting, fingerprint authentication, no location checks, multi-account support, customization and more. Correction: Instagram integration is not yet present on Android, but is coming soon.

Friendly App Studio co-founder Stephane Philipakis is happy the former iOS exclusive is now on Android as well. “We’re thrilled to make Friendly available to Android users,” he says. “It’s no secret that people’s news feeds have become ‘heated’ during this election year. We’re confident that the Keyword Filtering feature can restore balance to the news feed — and bring peace back to Facebook walls everywhere.”

Friendly is available now, for free plus optional in-app purchasing, on Google Play.

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