Android Market Adds Direct Billing For AT&T Customers Plus More Updates

Android Market Adds Direct Billing For AT&T Customers Plus More Updates

Dec 22, 2010

By now everyone should have noticed the nice new shiny Android Market that I told you about last week. It seems they’ve been slowly adding in all those promised new features and today they announced another new feature for AT&T customers: Direct Carrier Billing. If you happen to be an AT&T customer you should now see a “Bill my AT&T account” option when purchasing an app from the Android Market. This new change will give AT&T Android customers an easier and more organized way of keeping track of their “phone” related charges.

This new payment method is completely optional and you don’t have to choose it, but if you do, don’t be shocked when you receive that unusually large phone bill. I’m not sure how this will work if you have other phones under your account (such as your kids) but I suggest checking with AT&T right away before you end having to take out a second mortgage for your next phone bill (or your kid ends up with an AT&T bill stuck where the sun don’t shine). Never the less, AT&T customers get another option when it comes to purchasing apps and choice is always a good thing, right?

Users will also start to see all those previously announced features such as the 15 minute refund window (bleh!) plus the new 50MB max .apk size. You’ll also find the new dynamic Wallpaper and Widget categories that we were told about. Speaking of new categories, they didn’t stop with just the “Wallpaper and Widget,” we now have “Media & Video,” “Music & Audio,” “Business,” and if you check out the “Games” category you will find they added “Sports” into the subcategories. Hopefully all these new categories will help users filter their searches better, but keep in mind, developers need to make sure they take advantage of these new categories for it to benefit us users.

I’m glad to see them working hard to improve the market and I hope they carry that work onto developing a better online market resource for Android users. These market issues have been at the top of the Android complaint ladder for years and it’s about time we’re seeing some improvements. Unlike other updates, this one doesn’t require the user to do anything. The little green Android robot fairies will take care of it with their magic pixel dust!

Source: Android Developers Blog

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