Welcome to Android Rundown

Welcome to Android Rundown

Aug 2, 2010

When the general public thinks of the word “Apps” they tend to associate it with the iPhone. Why wouldn’t they? Apple has done a fantastic job of marketing not only their iDevices, but the rebirth of the Mobile Application world. They weren’t the first and they absolutely won’t be the last, but up until recently, it was Apple’s world.

Two years ago, this October, the Android Market launched along side the Android G1, the first Android OS device. One device and one shamble of a market. Cut to the present day and we’re now dozens of phones deep, with Android sales overtaking iPhone sales, yet we’re still left with a shambling excuse for an App Store. As we get closer to the 100,000 app mark, the store is going to become even more difficult to navigate than it already is. The shortage of quality third party sources to help you navigate the Android Market makes it difficult to determine which applications are worth your time and especially your money.

The popularity of the Android devices and OS have definitely caught on for nearly all age groups. With so many different hardware options, it’s really a platform for everyone, which brings forth two problems that Android Rundown is here to solve: What apps should I be downloading and what device is best suited for you. For Android developers to match the quality and complexity of the apps available on the App Store, they need a user base that is as hungry to buy. We’re here to educate that user base.

On Android Rundown, you can expect to see fantastic app and hardware reviews by qualified, paid, Android enthusiast writers. Our writers range from the average user to the power user, to give you a taste of what they use their device for. Unlike the iPhone, not every device is made the same and not every device will appeal to every user. We’re here to give you a diversified enough taste of writers, backgrounds, and uses to cover almost every type of user.

Our goal is to improve the Android App Community, a community that we invite you to be a part of regardless of your affiliation with Android. We’re here to make the process of tailoring your device to you that much easier. We hope you enjoy your visit and check back often, as we’ll constantly be adding new reviews, features, and blog posts.

-Android Rundown Staff

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