Angry Birds Seasons Fa La La La La

Angry Birds Seasons Fa La La La La

Dec 3, 2010

Tis’ the season to be angry, wait.. what? That’s right, waiting for you under the Android Market tree is a gift from the guys over at Rovio. In case you don’t know who Rovio is, they are the creators of the ridiculously popular game Angry Birds. In celebration of the 25 days til’ Christmas, Rovio has released “Angry Birds Seasons” which features 25 new holiday levels to feed our snowy fixation for swine carnage. Now you can’t actually play all 25 levels right away, you will have one level “unlocked” per day until Christmas. It’s actually quite clever and I enjoy getting to experience a different level each day.

Now Rovio knows that one level per day won’t be enough to appease the Angry Birds mob so they have also included the previous Halloween Special Edition which trick or treats us to an additional 45 frightful levels. I guess we can now call Angry Birds the gift that keeps on giving. These new levels plus the newly themed music will bring you hours of fun and keep you in the holiday spirit despite your families attempts to aggravate and annoy you with their endless array of holiday sweaters and fruit cakes.

The downloads are free and still have those poorly placed annoying and intrusive ads. If the ads become a problem and get in the way of your gameplay (like they do for me) you can always switch your phone to airplane mode or play with mobile data off and this will get rid of them. I really wish Rovio would just release a paid version already but it is what it is. What are you waiting for? Head on over to the Android Market to unwrap your presents and spread the holiday cheer by letting your friends know that Angry Birds Seasons is now available.

Download: Angry Birds Seasons

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