Anti Spy Mobile Pro Finds Malware and Apps With Suspicious Permissions

Anti Spy Mobile Pro Finds Malware and Apps With Suspicious Permissions

Aug 22, 2012

Anti Spy Mobile Pro is an app with a simple purpose – to help solve these confusion that is malware. After all, with apps requesting all kinds of permissions, how is it possible to tell what might be sketchy and what isn’t? That’s where Anti Spy Mobile Pro comes in. The app does a scan of apps that are currently installed on the device, and then alerts the user as to what is active malware, and what just has suspicious permissions. For suspicious apps, the particular permissions that could be troubling, such as SMS reception and call recording, are listed. Why does that first-person shooter want to read my SMS messages, anyway? Good luck, it’s installed on a tablet, but still! AntiSpyMobile offers a button to uninstall the app, or to mark it as safe. After all, one would expect a call recorder app to record calls, or for an SMS replacement app to read SMS messages. Regular scans can be done and the user alerted as to any suspicious permissions that pop up. Anti Spy Mobile Pro is available from Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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  • Johny

    Nice one and really works !

  • Joseph

    Hi Johny,
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