My App Addiction: Mint

My App Addiction: Mint

May 31, 2017

Making ends is very important, but managing the made money is almost more important. In an electronically mobile world, real cash takes a backseat to binary data, and it is quite important to know how things shake up.

For those of us who started working before direct deposit became standard, making the switch from physical checkbook to digital ledger might not have been instinctive, but it was necessary.

I cut my digital teeth on SplashMoney; that program was fantastic on Palm OS, and gave me the baseline for what to expect from mobile financial management software. By the time I worked my way to connected smartdevices and on to Android, I was in need of something pretty strong.

I found Mint: Budget, Bills, Finance.

With Mint, I’m able to figure out what’s where when with a high degree of certainty. It tunnels in securely to my relevant accounts, and updates quickly when accessed. It can be secured with PIN, and even with fingerprint authentication on devices so equipped. It is made to work with financial instruments from several banks: BoA, Wells Fargo Chase, Amex, and a whole lot more. PayPal, Loan originators, investment firms… it is harder to find an institution that doesn’t work with the service.

One thing that keeps this application useful is how often Intuit updates it. Recently, it added some great features; expanding the Bill functionality was great. Now, you can keep track of bills right within the app, and the added interoperability with Google Calendar is a big plus.

Mint is a full-fledged web app, so it can be accessed from any computer with web access.

I haven’t been in a physical bank for years. My main institutions are thousands of miles away. No sweat… an app like Mint leaves me very un-tethered.

Just the way I like it.

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