Arcane Battlegrounds from Spacetime Studios, an MMO Strategy Game, Launches as Android Exclusive

Arcane Battlegrounds from Spacetime Studios, an MMO Strategy Game, Launches as Android Exclusive

May 22, 2014

Spacetime Games, creators of fine cross-platform MMORPGs like Arcane Legends have just released a new game: Arcane Battlegrounds. Taking place in the same world as Arcane Legends, this strategy game, taking after Clash of Clans, has players building armies and bases, trying to become the kingdom to rule all other kingdom. There’s a singleplayer campaign to go along with the multiplayer battling, with the ability to practice against your own base to figure out your strategy and how your base will perform, at no cost of units or defenses. And of course, the game will support cross-platform play between different versions of the game, but Android players will get a head start on iOS players, because the game is available today on Google Play — a few weeks ahead of the iOS launch.

Carter Dotson
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  • Altegard

    Just one more of spacetime games, as usual completely focused on iapp purchases. Probably one of the worst companies on mobile, they release games that they stop developing soon after milking all the possible money from the waves of new users. Just see the fate of their mmos like pocket legends, the only ever made mmos abandoned after not even a couple years of developing. Dont waste your money ^_^

  • Spacetime

    Thanks for the feedback Altegard. Spacetime built this game for fans of Arcane Legends that enjoy Battle games in brief intervals. We’re not sure what you mean about dropping the development of our older games. All Legends and Battle games have dedicated teams, and while the larger ones get the majority of development resources, we’ve kept all of our games running, including Pocket Legends (and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future). We’re still running Pocket Legends and it’s been live for 4 years.