Avast Announces Two New Android Apps at MWC 2015

Avast Announces Two New Android Apps at MWC 2015

Mar 4, 2015

Avast, a name synonymous with digital security, just announced two new apps at the ongoing Mobile World Congress.

The first is Avast GrimeFighter; it is a tool that can help Android users get rid of space-eating gunk:

Avast GrimeFighter will help the more than one billion Android users free up anywhere from 500MB to 1GB of storage per device to enjoy faster performance.
Avast GrimeFighter scans all the applications on an Android device and identifies unimportant or superfluous data for one-tap removal. This excess data comes in the form of initiated app downloads, residual data, thumbnails, and app caches. In addition, many popular applications, like Facebook and Instagram, can inflate significantly from their original download size through regular use.

The other new offering is Avast Battery Saver. 

“Everyone needs more battery life for their mobile devices – but most battery savers shut down the wrong apps,” said Jude McColgan, president of mobile of Avast. “Avast Battery Saver learns which apps are most important to the user, and shuts down only those that are less used.”

In contrast to other battery-saver applications, Avast Battery Saver automatically activates a variety of profiles based on user location and time of day. It doesn’t require users to change their behavior or usage. The result is more battery life with less hassle.

Here’s how Avast Battery Saver makes Android devices significantly more efficient:
Smart profiles — activates automatically based on time, location, and battery level.
App consumption — detects and permanently stops apps that drain too much battery life.
Precise estimate — determines remaining battery time left based on actual phone usage and historical data.

Both apps are available now for free on Google Play.

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