Baseball Superstars II for Android Continues Gamevil’s Move Towards Free to Play on Android

Baseball Superstars II for Android Continues Gamevil’s Move Towards Free to Play on Android

Jul 20, 2011

Gamevil appears to be committing to going free to play on Android, as they have yet another release that is available as a free ad-supported download for Android. Baseball Superstars II, the latest in Gamevil’s long-running baseball series, is designed to advance on many of the features that have been introduced in previous incarnations of the series.

Baseball Superstars II boasts seven game modes: My League, Season, Exhibition, Homerun Race, Tournament, Mission and Match Mode. My League mode allows players to create characters and play them through a career, developing skills and earning items to make them better players. It’s possible to play as either a pitcher or a batter in this mode. Season allows players to take control of an entire team, and Exhibition allows for a single game to be played. Mission mode allows for G Points to be earned for custom characters by trying to complete specific challenges; it is also possible to buy more G points through Android Market’s in-app billing. This iteration of the game features improved graphics, a revamped interface, improved player customization, and improved AI.

What is most interesting is that this really does appear to be a move to a new business model, as major releases Kami Retro, Zenonia 3, and now this have all been released as free downloads, with Zenonia 3 supporting the purchase of in-app credits through Android Market’s in-app billing. the Head of Gamevil USA, Kyu Lee, mentions a new business model as well: “Our most successful franchise on mobile packed with new features is now available for free. This shows the level of commitment we have in transitioning to our new business model, and we believe this will be a great gift for every single baseball fan out there.” Free to play and freemium games are increasingly taking over as a business model in mobile gaming, not just on Android, but Gamevil appears to feel that this is the best method to draw attention to their apps on the Android Market, is to make them free to play. Time will tell if this is the model that starts to take hold on Android. Check out Baseball Superstars II for free on the Android Market.

Carter Dotson
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