Carbon for Twitter Releases for Android, Not to Be Confused With the Backup App of the Same Name

Carbon for Twitter Releases for Android, Not to Be Confused With the Backup App of the Same Name

Feb 7, 2013

While third-party Twitter app development has slowed to a crawl, some developers are forging ahead with their plans to improve on the Twitter app experience on Android. Meet Carbon for Twitter, a stylish new Twitter app that’s just released for free.

This app is primarily designed for phones (Nexus 7 users will get a dialog prompt saying it’s not optimized for their device yet), and it’s meant to provide an experience that focuses on the column at hand. Swiping horizontally switches between differnet columns, with a minimalist options bar, profile button, and new tweet button at the bottom.

This app should not be confused with ClockworkMod’s Carbon, which has also recently released to Google Play, and allows for apps to be backed up, even without root access. It’s possible to backup Carbon with Carbon. Joy!

The app already has over 50,000 downloads meaning that since Twitter claims they’ll only authorize 100,000 user tokens, the app’s days may be short-lived. What Carbon’s developers plan to do at that point is unknown. So get it on it quickly.

Carter Dotson
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  • Eric

    It’s full of bugs and should be labeled “beta” software at best. It had so much hype that they could have seriously capitalized on it even charging a mere 99 cents. As you pointed out it’s already about to reach its API token limit with so many downloads it has and I’ve already snatched up 8 tokens thanks to the convenience of multiple account support.

    The dev for Falcon Pro did it right. Not only did he capitalize on his app which is amazing his thought process was if he put the price very low he’d at least get serious users using up his 100K limited API token pool. Carbon without table support still allows tablets to download the app only to show an error whereas users uninstall but retain that precious API token.

    Yea, I expect this app to be dead by the end of the month! Also the carbon dev has a history of abandoning his apps. The webOS app was only around about a year and the Windows version probably less.