CES 2013: Fleksy’s Intelligent Sight-Free Typing Engine is Coming to Android

CES 2013: Fleksy’s Intelligent Sight-Free Typing Engine is Coming to Android

Jan 7, 2013

Fleksy, a sight-free keyboard that was introduced in an app on iOS, is about to come to Android, and they are demoing their software at this week’s CES 2013 trade show in Las Vegas. While there are plenty of keyboards on Android that claim to improve the typing experience, Fleksy wants to make typos a thing of the past. And the crazy thing is that even in its currently available form, it works.

Fleksy works by essentially figuring out what word is being typed based on the user’s relative thumb positioning versus where it actually is, using that to detect relatively well what word was actually being typed, with predictions available for words that may be close to what was typed. Users can pick from multiple versions of the word to try and detect what it actually is. The iOS version of the app targets visually-impaired users, with text-to-speech functionality for saying what word was typed, and swipe gestures for selecting predictions and moving forward or backward. However, there’s benefits for even sighted users. It works without looking at the screen at all, and makes on-screen typing far more accurate.

The Android version will come with the advantage of working as a system-level function with hypothetically any keyboard and in any app with typing. This will be a boon to both the visually-impaired, who will get to use this technology outside of its sandbox like on iOS, and even to sighted users who can type more accurately with it. The Android version will bring along with it support for multiple languages, an improved prediction engine, and other tweaks to improve the experience. Android users interested in trying out Fleksy can sign up for the beta at their website. Fleksy is demoing at CES in booth 74038, and is a CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree.

Carter Dotson
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