Chromecast Offers Free Google Play Movie Rental

Chromecast Offers Free Google Play Movie Rental

Jun 14, 2015

Chromecast is doing movie night.

For content streamers, Chromecast is the gift that keeps giving. Checking for promotions is an enjoyable pastime for some (including this writer), and one of the current promotions is indeed interesting.

Chromecast owners can get a free movie rental on Google Play; this allows users of the streaming dongle to pick from a wide choice of thousands of movies.

To redeem the offer, Chromecast users in supported locales can simply connect to their dongles and select the promotion; as with regular movie rentals, folks have 30 days from the day od redemption to watch a movie.

Users have till April 19, 2016 to redeem this offer.

We’ve really enjoyed Chromecast since its launch, and have even taken time to look at some of the games available to it. It’s clear that the little piece looks to continue to add value, which is great for owners.

chromecast screenshot

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