Crowdfunding Spotlight: Dungeon Bash on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Dungeon Bash on Kickstarter

Mar 19, 2014

After a few weeks over at IndieGoGo, AndroidRundown’s Crowdfunding Spotlight returns to its roots to spotlight an interesting new Kickstarter project called Dungeon Bash. As its name implies Dungeon Bash is an RPG dungeon crawler that aims to tweak the familiar formula by switching it up upon every play through. Steven Mathers is the developer who has created this game, and Dungeon Bash is his way of attempting to breathe new life into a beloved genera that is generally forgotten on mobile devices. Every time a new game loads up the player is assigned two random companions that can range from a wolf and troll to a slime monster and a mage. Only by working together as a team; as opposed to one strong leader with useful companions, will this trio make it out successfully.

As stated above, a big emphasis of the game is placed on working in unity with the two other assigned companions, and since this is all random each game can take on a different shape and force the player to progress slightly differently with each play through. Looking at the video on Steven’s Kickstarter page the game does not look like very much, but that is to be expected as there is nobody in charge of art direction at the moment. This is what the campaign aims to fund, and the entire coding half of the game has already been completed and tested. This is basically a finished game just in need of a fresh coat of paint.

While I am personally not a big dungeon crawler fan, I can certainly respect the genre and being a fan of games in general the simplicity of this game is sure to appeal to a very wide audience and not just those who grew up with Diablo etched into their hard drives. As it stands at the time of writing, Dungeon Bash is currently about 13% of the way to their goal with about 23 days remaining. This has to be a fairly promising start as there is still plenty of time to go. So consider giving what’s possible and help add the finishing touches to a fundamentally great game.

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