Brings Smarter Electronics Buying to the Masses Brings Smarter Electronics Buying to the Masses

Jan 30, 2012 is an app designed for smarter shopping – not just to compare prices based on barcodes, but to make a decision on if an item is worth buying at this very moment. Barcode scanners are everywhere nowadays, and everyone has several apps that can scan barcodes on their phone. But what these barcode scanners lack is an intelligent mechanism for predicting prices, and if an item is worth buying either from the store the user is in, from elsewhere, or if it’s better to wait for a lower price or even a newer model. That’s what purports to add. By scanning the UPC or QR code of a game, DVD, or other electronic device, returns the prices from other retailers both physical and digital, and one of three verdicts: buy it before prices increase, wait for a price drop, or wait for a newer model. Each decision comes with a confidence percentage, based on past pricing and device release info. is avialable for free, but requires a 2.3.7 or later Android device.

Carter Dotson
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