‘Dog Simulator’ Gets an Update

‘Dog Simulator’ Gets an Update

Jun 3, 2016

Dog Simulator is getting an update which will brings a host of new content.

Update notes:

8 new dogs:
– 2 Labrador retrievers
– Great Dane
– Blue Great Dane
– Boxer
– Doberman
– Beagle
– Basset

The main theme of the game is destroying objects using simple controls, causing the biggest mess possible! There are many dogs to choose from as well as accessories to dress them up. You can show off your dog in the multiplayer mode while competing against people from all over the world. Single mode lets you discover 6 different levels, all in both day and night mode. It is suitable for all ages!

Dog Simulator is a bright and exciting game that lets you relax whenever you need it.

The update is out now, and the game remains free (with in-app purchases); check out the trailer below.

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