Droid 2 Global Specs “Almost” Available

Droid 2 Global Specs “Almost” Available

Oct 7, 2010

If you head over to Motorola you can now see the official specs of the Droid 2 Global. The Droid 2 Global specs have been speculated about for some time now, especially the rumor about it having a 1.2 Ghz processor. This make the Droid 2 Global processor the fastest stock running processor in the Droid series.

This is great news for global travelers who have been itching to use the Droid for international business (or play). With service in over 200 countries this is a must have for international Droid users (not to mention bragging the 1.2Ghz bragging rights).

Most of the other specs seem about standard with the Droid series. 5 mega pixel camera. Comes stock with Android 2.2 and comes loaded with Flash 10.1. The Droid 2 Global comes with 8 GB on board memory and 8 GB microSD pre-installed with up to 32 GB expandable for a total of 40 GB. The Droid 2 Global has support for Corporate calendar, email and contacts (Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010), Google contacts, calendar and Gmail and Facebook contacts. You will also have the privilege of having Swype pre-installed which seems to be the trend with the newer Droids.

With that said there are also some specs listed (such as display size being
3.1-in.; TFT 320 x 480) that don’t make much sense at this point in time and I can only assume it hasn’t been updated yet. Keep updated to see if Motorola fixes some of these specs ( I hope). No pictures of the Droid 2 Global have been put up yet but I’m sure their still working on it.

[Update] It seems as I was writing this they have taken down the pages. Turns out the tech specs were the same as the Droid Pro. Either way, this seems to be a work in progress and brings us one step closer to the real deal.

Source: Motorola, Motorola (tech specs), via Android Central

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