Drunk Text Blocker

Drunk Text Blocker

Aug 9, 2012

The drunk text is the perfect intersection between the perils of anywhere communication and the flaws of human interaction. Because sometimes during a night of imbibing to make Dionysus proud, we tend to say things to people we shouldn’t say them to. If only technology could be used to stop this from happening!

Well, now it can! With Drunk Text Blocker, it’s now possible to not send those embarrassing messages. Just set the app’s outgoing block settings for a certain person, and texts to that person will be automatically blocked. As well, the app can scan texts for mentions of the name to make sure that no embarrassing texts are sent. As a bonus, it can block incoming texts as well.

Sadly, Drunk Text Blocker cannot be scheduled to activate at certain times. Some HTC phones don’t work with it. It can’t detect texts sent from all third party apps, either. However, no one ever said technology in place of responsibility would be a smooth experience. Drunk Text Blocker is free from Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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