Duffers Around the World Can Track Golf Scores with Golf GameBook

Duffers Around the World Can Track Golf Scores with Golf GameBook

Jul 3, 2012

Golf is a weird sport, in that even competitive golfers are required to keep score for themselves. This has led to some kooky occurences where big paydays and historic rounds have been lost due to what amounts to a paperwork error.

If only they had Golf GameBook! This interactive golf scorebook app not only makes it possible to digitally track golf scores (and harder to “correct” high scores on certain holes), but also brings some unique social features to the app. It’s possible to use the app to keep track of individual and team scores in a game. Want to play a skins game with friends? Use Golf GameBook! It’s possible to join up with other friends’ games by entering their game code in, so multiple people can have access to the same scorecard. Favorite course not in the app? Add it in manually! The app supports many courses around the globe that already are in the app.

Want to show friends that perfect second shot right on to the green? Or, more likely for all those amateur duffers out there, show the ridiculous place that 8th stroke landed at? Use the app’s camera to share it with friends directly through the app. Golf GameBook is available for free from Google Play.

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