From the Editor’s Desk: Farewell from Carter Dotson, Hello to New Editor Tre Lawrence

From the Editor’s Desk: Farewell from Carter Dotson, Hello to New Editor Tre Lawrence

Jul 31, 2014

Hello readers, it’s Carter Dotson here, editor for the last three-plus years at Android Rundown. Today is my last day at the site, as I move on to other exciting ventures. I’ll still be out there talking about mobile games across the internet, just not here any more.

I’m rather proud of the site over the last few years. I think that we have a unique place as a site that covers Android in a different way than what others do. I believe that it’s important to focus on what an Android device can do – and not just talk about the latest app or game that’s been ported to the platform, or to keep talking about the next phone or tablet when people are buying them and keeping them for years. I’m proud of that.

And I’m proud that I’ve been in charge of writers who have gone on to work for other sites, and to do cool things with their career. I don’t know how much I’ve had to with it – but if I helped, then I’m glad.

And I’m proud that Tre Lawrence, who’s been with the site for a long time now, is the new editor, and getting to I’m sure he’ll do a wonderful job. And he’ll get his opportunity to guide the site in his own way in the coming weeks and months. And I know he’s going to do a great job with it, and I hope you support him. I know it’s in great hands, and I believe the site has a great future with him in charge.

I asked Tre to contribute to this, but he chose to let me have the spotlight here.

As for me, this is a sad goodbye: this is me leaving a site that’s been a daily part of my life for three-plus years, and the 148Apps network as a whole changed my life, being the springboard for my current professional career. But life goes on, and so must I.

I’m out there on Twitter, and you can email me if you ever need to reach me. It’s been an honor, readers. See you all around.

Carter Dotson
Carter Dotson, editor of Android Rundown, has been covering Android since late 2010, and the mobile industry as a whole since 2009. Originally from Texas, he has recently moved to Chicago. He loves both iOS and Android for what they are - we can all get along!
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  • Allan Curtis

    Good luck Carter! Thanks for all the advice.