Find Local Car Events with ShowFinder

Find Local Car Events with ShowFinder

Jun 21, 2012

Who doesn’t like a good car show? The problem is that it’s generally frowned upon to just go into convention centers and yell “Is there a car show happening here today?!” No longer will anyone have to suffer the indignity of not knowing where the latest car shows are with ShowFinder. The app allows users to put in their state or province (yes, Canadians, this app has car show listings north of the border as well), and then a list of all the upcoming car shows are made available. Want to find a local cruise night? It’s here! Want to make a quick road trip to another town for some events? All the events in a state that are upcoming are listed. Favorite events can be saved, and shared via Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS, and added to Google Calendar. Run a show and want it listed in ShowFinder? There’s a section to submit it in. <em>ShowFinder is available for free from Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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  • George Pinelli

    Wow this is really well done. Lots of data. Surprising how many events are really happening.

  • Hot Rod Chick

    This is amazing.  I can go through the entire summer and it saves the car shows I want into my calendar.  Whether I want to stay within 25 miles from home travel 200 miles or more.