Foursquare 3.0 – New Explore Tab, Leaderboard and more…

Foursquare 3.0 – New Explore Tab, Leaderboard and more…

Mar 14, 2011

Insanely popular social check-in site Foursquare celebrated 2 years of ‘checking-in’ with a revamped Foursquare 3.0. This updated version improves on real world features and the Foursquare idea of “making cities easier to use.”

Foursquare announced their new 3.0 in a heart-felt blog last week and highlighted some of the major changes which included a new “Explore” tab, a major overhaul to the leaderboard and six new types of Foursquare “Specials” for merchants.

Users can now discover a world of possibilities through Foursquare’s new “Explore” tab.

Using “a little bit of everything,” Foursquare will now give you more personal and pertinent suggestions when searching for nearby places. They have also included a new “Me” tab which allows you to invoke the wisdom and experience of friends to help find places you’re more likely to enjoy.

Foursquare believes in encouraging and motivating behavior through software and no where is this credo more apparent than in the newly revamped leaderboard.

The old leaderboard has been replaced with a new sliding 7-day barometer of you and your friends. You can now gain points for various actions such as discovering a new restaurant or hanging out with old friends. The points, leaderboard and “game” aspect of Foursquare are all great motivational tools but if you still need that extra little push, you’ll love what’s coming up next.

Foursquare 3.0 has improved upon the real world reward system by giving merchants more options when it comes to “Specials.” There are now a variety of ways to reward users/customers and what user/customer doesn’t love a reward!

  • Flash Specials – Flash Specials are the typical door buster deals – to the first people who arrive after a certain time.
  • Friends Special – A lot of people go out with their friends, and now businesses can reward you all for checking in together.
  • Swarm Specials
    Everyone loves Swarms, and now businesses can reward folks who check in at a location in large groups.
  • Newbie Specials
    This is a way for businesses to entice new customers to give them a try.
  • Check-in, Frequency, and Loyalty Specials – Some businesses want Specials that are all about loyalty
  • Mayor Specials – We’re foursquare, and Mayors are us. So we still have Mayor Specials, too, for the royalty of foursquare

You will find the new Foursquare 3.0 in the Andoid Market and I will confess: “I joined Foursquare while working on this post.” Follow the links below to learn more about Foursquare and its features.

Download: Foursquare

Source: Foursquare Blog

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