Freaky Friday – AR Shooting

Freaky Friday – AR Shooting

Jun 24, 2011

This week’s Freaky Friday game is a polarizing one. Some see it as a bit of harmless fun, an app that can fill some boring spare time with a brief giggle. Others see it as a slightly evil, worrying sort of an app that may bring about the end of civilization as we know it. So depending on which side of the line you find yourself on, yay! Or boo!

AR Shooting is, as you’d expect, an AR shooting simulator. If you’re unfamiliar with AR, or augmented reality it basically means your phone uses its camera to place objects onto the world that aren’t actually there. In this case, those objects are guns.

Ever felt like shooting an annoying sibling, or pumping a few shotgun rounds into that annoying work colleague who never puts the milk back in the fridge? Well now you can, and without getting sent to jail for it. You can even have shootouts with your friends, without the embarrassment of having to make gun shapes with your fingers.

Alternatively, this app is an evil plague on society, spreading the message of acceptable gun violence and endangering the lives of children, adults and old people the world over. If you download this app, then you’re basically admitting you’re a few steps away from being a psychotic murderer and you should probably take yourself off to the local police station and hand yourself in.

So there you go, you’re either going to love or hate AR Shooting. It sort of depends on whether or not you like fun, I suppose. I’m pretty sure no one ever became a loony spree killer just because they got to try it out on their phone, but I could be wrong, heaven forbid.

Oh, and for the record, you might just not care about the app at all. In fact, that’s probably the most likely outcome.

AR Shooting is available now, for free, from the Android Market.

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