Freaky Friday – FountainDrink

Freaky Friday – FountainDrink

Jul 29, 2011

If, like me, you won’t leave the house unless you’re certain that a specific brand of soft drink is waiting for you at your chosen restaurant/slop hole, then this week’s Freaky Friday app could be just what you’re looking for. Unless you don’t live in America, in which case, please stick around for the misguided attempts at humour and the pictures at the end.

FountainDrink is an app that lists a few of the major brand soft drinks, and then tells you whether or not you can pick them up at major brand restaurants throughout the US. Instead of doing this in a way that’s pleasing on the eye, it decides that ugly menus and poorly designed user interfaces are the way forward.

It’s weird, because the app could actually be useful if it gave more useful information. No one ever got to a restaurant, sat down, looked at the menu and then decided to leave because they couldn’t get Sprite. At least, I hope that’s never happened, but I have been wrong before.

Few Freaky Friday apps have potential, but if FountainDrink offered a more comprehensive service, then it might actually become a useful tool. I, for one, like to know what’s on the menu before I head out into the wilds of the food world. Forewarned is forearmed. And having forearms is important.

As it is, FountainDrink is a pointless little thing, drifiting along in the highways and byways of the Android Market, unloved and ignored by most. Maybe, if you’re the sort of person who only drinks a specific type of carbonated beverage, you might find some use for it. Then again, if you’re the sort of person who only drinks a specific type of carbonated beverage, you probably already know which restaurants sell it. Because you’re weird.

FountainDrink is available now, for free, from the Android Market.

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