Friday Free Game Rundown October 12th – Gangster Games

Friday Free Game Rundown October 12th – Gangster Games

Oct 12, 2012

People like to think they can be a crime boss. They imagine doing what it takes to get to the top be it legal or not. The games below will give in to the urge to run with all of the big boys in the seedy underbelly of the city. Some of the games require data access so make sure to use Wi-Fi if on a limited data plan.

Big Time Gangsta

Judging by the name, it’s easy to guess Big Time Gangsta is not a bunch of Italian mobsters shootin’ each other with tommy guns out of a mid-30’s sedan. The goal is to protect the block from invading gangs and end up ruling the entire city. Go to shootouts packin’ some serious heat ranging from handguns to powerful automatic weapons. Don’t get caught slippin’.

Download Big Time Gangsta

Crime Story

Crime Story takes a little different approach to gangster games. Instead of following a predetermined story, there is almost a comic book quality to the game. With a few goals to achieve, like finding a missing brother, the path ahead is all about gaining power in the mob to achieve the goals. Start at the bottom rung of the organization working all the way up to ruling the city.

Download Crime Story


iMobsters is an online game originally on MySpace. By playing online, there are a lot of different variables that come into play. With more people interacting, the game is less likely to be predictable. Many of the things associated with running a gang are included. I mean, have friends you trust to join a gang, put a hit out on players and go to war with other gangs. As the game progresses upgrade weapons, vehicles and armor.

Download iMobsters

Mafia Empire

Mafia Empire is more of a strategy game and some of the others on the list. Building an empire consists of creating businesses, building factories and squeezing protection money out of other businesses. While other games have goals of running the city, Mafia Empire is building an empire to rule the world. Make friends and enemies while making military grade weapons and putting hits on rival players.

Download Mafia Empire

Crime Inc.

Crime is a pretty good business to be in. Not everyone has the stomach for it though. In this no holds barred game, it is just as easy to buy a politician as it is to buy a book of stamps. By taking up the right people and paying off the others the city is a playground. To earn money, jobs can be selected from the dashboard. The harder the hussle, the better the payoff. Fat pockets make it harder for anyone to get in the way.

Download Crime Inc.

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