G5 Entertainment to Release Their First Simultaneously Launching iOS and Android Game, Stand O’Food 3

G5 Entertainment to Release Their First Simultaneously Launching iOS and Android Game, Stand O’Food 3

Sep 8, 2011

While G5 Entertainment only recently got on to the Android train, they aren’t wasting their time making sure their library of sim games are well-represented on the platform. In the past few weeks, both Supermarket Mania 2 and Virtual City have been released for Android, after their initial mobile releases on iOS. These have also been freemium releases, offering a trial version of the game along with an in-app purchase to unlock the full game, which goes through the Android Market’s in-app billing system. With these two recent releases, G5 Entertainment has a total of 10 games available as of publication.

However, G5 Entertainment is expanding their Android portfolio even further starting next week, with their first title to be launched on Android simultaneously with its iOS release. Stand O’Food 3 will be available starting September 15th as a free download from the Android Market. While Stand O’Food 2 is not yet available on Android, hopefully players can pick up on the story they’re missing from the second game. The press release mentions “disrupting the revenge plans of evil Mr. Torg,” which means that this game is a realistic fast food restaurant simulation, as vengeance and the thwarting of such is often a part of the restaurant business. The Burger King learned that the hard way when he tried to mess with Jack in the Box. Protect your neck. The game features 75 levels, new food items like lasagna and cake, and all other kinds of gameplay upgrades. Identical to other G5 Entertainment Android games, it will be a free download for a trial version of the game, with the full version able to be unlocked via in-app purchase. This may be a logical choice for an Android release, as the original Stand O’Food is currently the highest listed game on the Top Grossing charts among G5 Entertainment’s games.

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