Give your score a boost in Rayman Adventures with these tips and tricks

Rayman Adventures is the brand new mobile sequel to the well-received Jungle Run and Fiesta Run and a lot has changed.

You can now swipe to change direction for a start, which opens up each level for exploration like never before.

There’s also a brand new ally for Rayman called the Incrediballs. These creatures may be strange in appearance but offer handy power-ups to Rayman which help him achieve a higher score in each level.

We’re also here to help you with that. We’ve played each and every level type in the game to bring you the following tips and tricks to reach the highest score in each of them.

Fight to the finish!

This is all about punching enemies and survival, and it’s not easy given the typical fast pace of these levels. We’d recommend you bring three Protector Incrediballs to help you survive.


However, we’d recommend you try your best not to have to use them, as you’ll get double the points you usually get for bringing an Incrediball when you reach the end.

Other than that, just remain focussed as enemies can pop up from anywhere, at any moment, and try to punch every single one of them. Don’t be afraid to go back and finish off enemies you’ve missed either.

Race against time!

Speaking of fast pace, this is about as fast as it gets in Rayman Adventures. These levels are possibly the most challenging of the lot, and require the use of all of Rayman’s abilities.

Again, Protector Incrediballs are handy here as they’ll keep you safe from damage as well as make previously dangerous routes safe.

But you’re going to have to rely on your wits more than anything else here – especially if you want to get the highest score.


So look closely for boosters like bouncy plants, water spouts, or butterflies, the latter of which opens up new paths for Rayman. All of these will help you navigate a level much faster than before.

You can also punch to gain a brief speed boost, and this works particularly well just before a jump as you’ll travel much further through the air.

Find the trapped Teensies!

Hankering for some classic Rayman gameplay? These levels will sort you out.

You know the drill. You’ve got to hunt for hidden caged Teensies and bonus Lums throughout an explorable level while navigating difficult platforming sections.

Seeker Incrediballs make short work of these levels – particularly if you bring three – as they’ll hunt down all of the hidden sections.


That being said, you should still keep an eye out for the telltale signs of these secret areas. Good indicators are the Teensies themselves, which cry out when you’re near them, and sections of wall which look different from the rest.

Catch all the Lums!

It’s quite clear that Inhaler Incrediballs are the most use here, as they’ll help draw all Lums towards you when you go near them.

The intensity of their abilities increases the more you bring, so we’d recommend bringing three into each level with you, as that will ensure you get the most Lums.

Also, keep an eye out for the purple crowned Lums. When you pick up one of these, all nearby Lums will temporarily turn purple and you’ll get double the points for collecting them.

You know the score, so it’s time to put these tips to the test. Head on over to the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] to get your hands on Rayman Adventures right now.

Simon Reed
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