Glow Inc Releases Pregnancy Tracker Application on Google Play

Glow Inc Releases Pregnancy Tracker Application on Google Play

Feb 5, 2015

The new Pregnancy Tracker from Glow brings a bunch of great tools to expectant moms that use Android devices.

Glow Nurture is the world’s most advanced and comprehensive pregnancy tracker. Powered by data, designed for simplicity, this app rewrites the rules for what a pregnancy app should be. It is completely customizable so that we nurture YOUR pregnancy and your baby. And keep in mind:
• Glow Nurture is FREE.
• Glow Nurture has no in-app advertising.
• Unlike other apps, Glow Nurture does not charge you extra for our premium features.

• Customize your experience for your pregnancy and your baby.
• Alerts and insights based on the data you enter, resulting in a healthier pregnancy.
• Thousands of daily pregnancy articles about you and your baby.
• Beautiful charts powered by cutting-edge data analysis.
• Best pregnancy health tips and insights from leading health experts.

• Reminders for your appointments and your medication.
• A unique medical log, to track all your doctor’s visits throughout your pregnancy.

• Daily tasks to support a healthy mom and healthy baby.
• Daily updates on your pregnancy and your baby’s size.
• Fetal development images: see what your baby looks like each day.
• Photo sharing of that gorgeous baby bump.
• Ability to take notes, day by day
• Appointment Calendar
• Easily accessible calendar view
• International metrics: lb/in or kg/cm.

• Daily log allows you to track over 30 different items.
• Daily log changes from trimester to trimester.
• Feedback on your health data, baby, and pregnancy symptoms with insights from trusted resources.

As noted, the app is completely free; there is also an iOS version of the app, which promotes cross-platform use.

[Source: Glow Communication and Google Play App Page]

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