Glu Mobile Announces Partnership With NVIDIA

Glu Mobile Announces Partnership With NVIDIA

Jan 7, 2011

CES has been full of announcements and goodies for us Android users. This year is gearing up to be the year of Tablets, LTE phones, Honeycomb, and Tegra 2 dual core processors. Android devices are becoming faster and more powerful than ever and these advancements are sure to catapult the mobile gaming industry into a whole new era. One gaming publisher planning to take full advantage of these advancements is Glu Mobile.

Glu Mobile, a leading global publisher of social games for smartphone and tablet devices is focused on bringing the best in social, freemium, cross-platform mobile gaming experiences to the mass market. In a recent CES unveiling, Glu Mobile announced a strategic partnership with NVIDIA. Together Glu Mobile and NVIDIA plan to bring a “ground breaking” gaming experience to Android through the power of the Tegra 2 mobile superchip.

“Our vision of bringing high-performance social gaming experiences to consumers on tablets is only possible with key partnerships like the ones we’re announcing today,” said Niccolo de Masi, CEO of Glu. “With the rapid growth of tablet usage, we look forward to delivering compelling social mobile games that utilize the cutting-edge technology in these devices.”

With over 40 games already on the Android platform, Glu Mobile has been prepping for Android’s tablet revolution. The dedicated Tegra GPUs and higher processing power will allow Glu Mobile to deliver an even more immersive gaming experience for the Android tablet market. Glu Mobile is also one of Google’s only exclusive mobile gaming partners, allowing them to lead the way and extend their Android titles to the various tablet devices we will be seeing soon.

Great news for Glu Mobile, great news for mobile gaming, and great news for Android users. In fact, Glu Mobile’s share price soared in response to the news, gaining over 15%. Mobile gaming is going to be pure insanity this year (hopefully the batteries can keep up) so start pumping up those finger muscles and get ready for a Xoom of a ride.

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