Google Cardboard: Cheap Makeshift VR or Elaborate Satire?

Google Cardboard: Cheap Makeshift VR or Elaborate Satire?

Jun 25, 2014

Along with wearables, VR is a big new frontier for tech. Between Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, there’s a lot of ideas out there. And Google has an answer, and it’s Cardboard.

Literally. Google has instructions on how to cut up a piece of cardboard and turn it into a makeshift 3D viewer for an Android phone.

No, seriously.

Really, there’s a demo app for Cardboard for viewing 3D images on your Android phone.

Google Cardboard

They’re going to have a talk at Google IO about it.

I mean, given Android One’s aim for cheaper phones and this, I suppose Google could be making a serious effort towards low-cost technology and new experiences.

But, a cardboard 3D viewer like the one that came with Metal Gear Acid 2? Either this is Google putting an idea out there, no matter how silly it may seem, or this is a grand piece of satire that I applaud because, Cardboard.

Carter Dotson
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