Google Docs used to Collaborate on New Song ‘Basement Queens’

Google Docs used to Collaborate on New Song ‘Basement Queens’

Jan 20, 2016

Here’s an interesting bit of news that underscores the importance of remote tools.

Two artists, Lizzo and Sad13, were able to co-author a new song — without meeting in person — using Google Docs as a collaboration tool. The song, which is available on Google Play Music, is called Basement Queens, and is a fusion of hip hop and indie rock.

Per the Google Docs Blog:

Some of the most popular songs ever recorded were the result of collaborations. Recently we asked ourselves: Could technology help bring together two musicians who might not otherwise meet? And if so: What would they create? With this in mind, we challenged two unique artists—burgeoning hip hop queen Lizzo and indie frontwoman Sad13 (Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz)—to write a song together in Google Docs.

Sad13 and Lizzo first connected in Hangouts—in Massachusetts and Minnesota, respectively—to hash things out. Within seconds they were inside a doc—riffing in real-time on ideas, then lyrics, then overall structure. And in just a couple of weeks they had a track they were really excited about.

The pair of women then flew to Brooklyn to meet for the first time IRL, and to record their new single, “Basement Queens”—a celebration of creating their own sound, on their own terms. And that’s how music was #madewithGoogleDocs.

For more information on this creative effort, check out the Google Docs Blog; the free track is available on Google Play now.

The video below shows the action.


[via Google Docs Blog]

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