Google eBooks and Accompanying Android App Released

Google eBooks and Accompanying Android App Released

Dec 6, 2010

My mother never imagined a day when her book collection would be stored in a “cloud” but that day has arrived with the announcement of Google’s “eBooks.” This new service from Google allows users access to an extensive catalog of over 3 million ebooks. Google boasts over 3 million free titles along with hundreds of thousands available for purchase via Google’s eBookstore. With a catalog like that it’s a good thing Google also offers unlimited storage. Once books have been stored in Google’s digital cloud they are ready to be accessed and viewed wherever and whenever supported devices are available. With the ability to read ebooks via web, smartphone, or eReading device you no longer have an excuse as to why you haven’t finished “War and Peace.”

Accompanying the release of Google eBooks is the release of “Google Books,” their free Android app which can be found in the Android Market for any US Android phone (version 2.1 or later). Google Books allows users to access and download any of the ebooks associated with their Google accounts. Once set up, books can be searched, purchased, read and managed all from within the app. Users can store up to 16,000 ebooks (based on 32GB capacity supported by micro SD) and instantly access them for offline viewing. Open up your library and you will see that Google was nice enough to throw three free books in there to help you get started.

Reading on your Android powered device may or may not appeal to you depending on your device’s screen size. To help with the experience there are a number of settings that can be adjusted such as text size, type face, and also includes a “Day” and “Night” theme. Users also have the ability to choose between “Original” pages or “Flowing text” when available. Google Books is a very basic eReader app lacking many features Kindle and Nook users have come to expect but still functions just as well. While a great choice for first timers, I wonder how hard it would be to port over an already existing collection. If you’re in that boat, let us know how your experience was and if it was worth the troubles. Now go open an app and start reading.

Download: Google Books App

Source: Google Books via Google Mobile Blog

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