Google Maps for Android Updated – Location History and more…

Google Maps for Android Updated – Location History and more…

Apr 5, 2011

Google Maps for Android received another “Latitude” update bringing it to version 5.3. This updated version brings users a “Location History Dashboard,” “Home Check-In,” and personalized aspects to the places rating system. These social centric features seem to be dominating the Google Maps updates as of late, which I find a tad disappointing. Especially when I’m waiting on features such as multiple destination routing, speed limits, and other “travel” related items. Am I asking too much? Probably.

What’s new in Google Maps 5.3 for Android? Well, if you happen to have location history enabled in Google Latitude, you can now have access to the personal history dashboard which was once only available via your computer. This dashboard allows you to access visual statisticssuch as distance traveled, time spent at various locations and more. All of the information provided is private and completely opt-in.

Another Latitude update pertains to the new check-in functionality. Users can now let their friends and family know when they are home by checking-in. Just set your “home” location and whenever you check-in near that specific location you will see “home” displayed at the top of the list. Dorothy had to click her ruby slippers together to get home, you just have to click a button.

Last on the list of updates is the addition of personal aspects when rating places via Google places with Hotpot. Before this update, users where able to rate a place based on certain common preset aspects such as food or ambiance. Now, if you think a place deserves a specific aspect such as music, or view, simply add it and share.

That about does it, now head on over to the Android Market and get your Latitude on.

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Source: Google Mobile Blog

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