Google Maps Updated Again, Introduces “Hotpot.”

Google Maps Updated Again, Introduces “Hotpot.”

Nov 18, 2010

Man, it seems like just last week Google Maps got an update. Oh wait, it was only last week! Well guess what? Google Maps has been updated once more bringing its current version to 4.7. Those guys over at Google sure like to drive in the fast lane. Now what was so important that they had to go ahead and push another update out? My theory is that they are getting ready for, dare I say it, Gingerbread (gasp)! The truth? Google has been amping up their “Places” features and this update seems to continue that trend bringing some convenience along with some social sauce thrown in.

Update 4.7 introduces Google’s new local recommendation engine which they have dubbed “Hotpot” and no, that is not a typo. Your guess is as good as mine on the name but what we really should be focusing on are the much needed features that “Hotpot” is bringing to our Android devices:

  • Rate places on the go – Finally, a quick and easy way to review and rate places from our mobile devices. Google has included a convenient little widget that from what I can tell, displays the closest place with options to rate. You can also click on the widget to bring up a list or search for a particular place.
  • Get personalized recommendations – Here’s where the social aspect enters. Using Hotpot on your desktop you can add friends, allowing for recommendations based on your ratings and the ratings of your friends. Go check out that burger joint your friends have been raving about or help friends avoid the burritos that sent you to the hospital. Only thing missing now are check-ins?

These are some much needed features for Google’s Places in my opinion. Move over Yelp, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Google Maps 4.7

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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