Google and Samsung Unveil the Galaxy Nexus. Here Are 5 Important Details to Know.

Google and Samsung Unveil the Galaxy Nexus. Here Are 5 Important Details to Know.

Oct 19, 2011

Never mind that Google bought Motorola Mobility recently, Samsung recently went on stage with Google in Hong Kong to reveal the latest Nexus phone, running the newest version of Android: Ice Cream Sandwich. Check out our Ice Cream Sandwich rundown to get all the details on what that operating system will bring to the Galaxy Nexus, which will feature a stock Ice Cream Sandwich experience, but even this new Google Nexus phone has a variety of improved features. Here are 5 important features from this new phone from Samsung and Google.

1280×720 4.65″ screen: Yes, 720p screen on a phone. With a thin bezel of 4.29 mm to boot. The onscreen buttons go away when fullscreen content like video is displayed for no letterboxing of 16×9 content. This is on a Super AMOLED screen with a 4.29mm bezel. This comes out to about 316 PPI (pixels per inch), or just below the Retina Display’s 330 DPI. The shorthand? It’s a very impressive, high-detail screen.

Internals: The important numbers to know are that this phone has a whopping 1 GB of RAM (more than the iPhone 4S) and a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor. As well, it boasts 32GB of internal storage.

Camera: While the 5 MP resolution isn’t top-of-the-line, it makes up for it in one key feature: instant shuttering. Photos can be taken as soon as the shutter button in the camera app is pressed, and taking several successive shots is easy as well. The camera also supports 1080p video recording, along with ICS’ new panoramic and time-lapse video recording features.

Network Speed: The phone will come in both LTE and HSPA+ variants, so hypothetically all US carriers should be able to support the Galaxy Nexus with marketed 4G speed.

NFC and Face Unlock: The Galaxy Nexus has an NFC chip (near field communications) built-in, so it can use services like Google Wallet, along with an ICS feature called Google Beam, which allows 2 phones to share information between them just by touching them together. As well, the front-facing camera can be used to unlock the Galaxy Nexus through facial recognition.

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