Gravity Dash: Endless Runner launches on Google Play

Gravity Dash: Endless Runner launches on Google Play

Mar 12, 2018

There is a new runner in town. Welcome to Gravity Dash: Endless Runner… courtesy of Jedd Goble.

This game is all about blocky art, obstacles, anti-gravity, randomly generated levels, dangers and the need for quick, quick reflexes.

The game’s founder, Jedd Goble, talks about paying homage to an ageless genre. “Gravity Dash is an ode to the classic runner, with a unique twist,” he says. “Through the “one-button” input system that allows you to invert gravity, newbies and veterans alike can pick up and play Gravity Dash for a few minutes – or a few hours. The pixel graphics and synth-driven music score give it an unmistakable retro feel, and the adaptive difficulty level means that the game never gets old. Players of all ages will have a blast every time they play.”

Gravity Dash: Endless Runner is available for free — with optional in-app purchases — on Google Play.

Check out the trailer below:

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