The Hills Are Greener: Learn to Take a Joke

The Hills Are Greener: Learn to Take a Joke

Nov 28, 2011

It appears as if Apple fans can dish it out but not quite take it. Samsung has introduced a new ad for the Galaxy S 2 that takes a few digs at fans of the iPhone. Check it out below:

This naturally has caused much whining from the more hardcore and insecure iPhone and Apple fans, so used to giving Android owners a hard time at any opportunity, but now seemingly unwilling to take a joke in kind. Here’s the dirty little secret, though: the ad is really quite accurate. Apple fans do often have a tunnel vision when it comes to Apple. They think Apple products are the best in the world, are not afraid to publicize their devotion, and tend to think very highly of themselves for being Apple fans. But sometimes, showing the die-hard Apple corps an Android phone is enough to soften them up a bit; after all, the big, bright, vibrant screen of a phone like the Galaxy S line is hard to not be impressed by, even when shown to some of the more ardent Apple fans.

This is because of the culture that Apple has created – it inspires devotion and worship of Apple. They have tended to attract those creative types, and many of those type-A personalities that aren’t afraid to voice their opinions and love of Apple. A guy like John Gruber is very steadfast in his opinions, which are more often than not pro-Apple. Other Apple diehard fans tend to not mince pulling out the knives at any kind of Android criticism they can. There’s just something about Apple fandom that inspires this kind of fervor, and desire to leap to their defense that no other company can muster. It’s likely fostered by even just little things like including Apple stickers with their products that helps inspire people to spread the Apple love.

So now that a nationally-airing ad dares to point out that these Apple fans, who are willing to camp out for their beloved company’s products, now they can’t take it? The insecurity is cute. Remember, not everyone wants an iPhone. Maybe people want widgets, more customization options, and apps with fewer restrictions? Maybe people want phones with bigger screens because they think that it’s more useful, or that the whole justification of Apple’s 3.5″ screen size is a bunch of bunk? Lighten up, Apple fans. I’m just surprised it took this long for someone to try and take a few shots at the fans of the company at 1 Infinite Loop.

Carter Dotson
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